Ariana Grande ‘I Am Not A Copycat!’

ariana-copycat (2)ariana-copycat (1)Ariana Grande claims that did NOT steal her single ‘The Way’, claiming she wrote the song all on her own, reports Radar. Ariana filed documents in federal court responding to the copyright infringement lawsuit filed by Minder Music, who claimed she infringed on the song ‘Troglodyte,’ which was originally released by the 1970s disco group The Jimmy Castor Bunch.

Minder Music, a UK entity which owns rights to songs written and recorded by the band, sued claiming that Grande’s ‘The Way’ uses substantially similar phrases as ‘Troglodyte.’ The song featured the phrase: ‘What we’re gonna do right here is go back, way back, back into time.’

Ariana admitted that her song includes the phrase ‘What we gotta do right here is go back, back into time,’ but denies that she copied the lyrics. She never asked for permission to use parts of the song ‘Troglodyte’ because there was no obligation on her part to do so.

She fired back at the allegation by Minder that they own part of her song and charged that Minder cannot sue over said phrase because one cannot copyright a basic phrase like that. She has asked a judge to deny their request for an injunction, stopping her from selling the song and wants the lawsuit dismissed. She has requested that Minder pay for all her legal bills.

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  • Bop

    Yes you are

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    Idgi, why is this a big deal? Have you heard all the people copying vanilla ice’s exact beat/background music? Who cares, it’s called reinventing it.

    I’ve never heard of this original song anyways. Whoever is suing is obviously just reaching and trying to get a claim to fame or at least make some money where he can.

    • Insert clever username

      Seriously? You’re using one of the most blatant examples of musical plagiarism as your example? Also you’ve never heard the original song because it was from the 70’s. There’s a big difference between sampling and stealing. And it is a pretty big deal.

    • Eva

      Intellectual Property Laws dude… It is actually a big deal. Like Plagiarism is in College.

  • anon

    That article is BS because Ariana didn’t write The Way so I doubt she would say she did.

    • Guest

      I thought SHE said she wrote the song by herself????

  • anon

    The Way, Written by: Harmony Samuels, Amber Streeter, Al Sherrod Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Malcolm McCormick, Brenda Russel.

    lot of songs has common phrases anyway

  • laura

    You can’t own a freaking sentence, wtf dude.

  • Lex

    This is all false. She did not write the song and did not claim to ever write the song, she has always given credit to Jordin Sparks and Harmony Samuels for the song. This is a load of bullshit as well because she cut out “I’m not a player I just crush a lot” from the song because they could not clear the lyric from a different song in terms of copy right rights. She is very wary about the copy right infringement and has stated many atime about these things I’ve mentioned. I don’t believe this article for a second.

  • getlikemiley

    Am i the only one who thinks she looks like a monkey with her big ass nostrils