Miley Singing Vagina Video WATCH NOW!

Watch Miley Cyrus put a microphone on her vagina!

PIX of Miley spread her legs and ass cheeks for fans HERE!

NOTE: Miley’s people told Daily Mail she doesn’t want to join X-Factor UK: ‘Simon has more chance of getting Elvis or Gandhi as a judge’. Source: ‘There have been no talks with Miley. She is currently on a world tour in the US. The Bangerz tour comes to the UK in May. Miley is one of the biggest artists in the world, she has no intention of going to be a judge on a show. It is the last thing on her mind.

Miley is having the time of her life. Making music and performing is what she cares about. She has been offered the role of judge on lots of talent shows in the States in the past but she’s never been interested.’


    flawless performer madonna is jealous!

    • thecat61

      She should be.

  • Alii


  • Dara
  • Truth

    Nick jonas wants to be that mic

    • anon

      nah. he is happy with his miss universe


      almost everyone does!

  • anon

    She is just giving to her public what her public wants.

    • Godney

      yes, and its kinda sad that her public wants that

  • guest

    So, OceanUp, what’s your point?

  • thecat61

    Looks like she’s just resting her arm on her leg.

  • Cici

    uhhhh I just can’t. She sounds like shit. I like the song, on the cd, but this is awful live. & the way she kept grabbing her flat ass was just embarrassing.

    • thecat61

      So she’s got a flat ass, big deal. Not everyone can have a KimK ass.

      • Cici

        Nobody wants a Kim ass either.

        • thecat61

          So what’s wrong with a flat ass? I’d rather have that then a bubble but. Lol

          • Cici

            I didn’t say anything was wrong with her ass. It’s her gross attitude that goes along with her grabbing herself.

          • thecat61

            It’s a god damn fucking performance. It’s not any different from a guy performing and grabbing his dick and doing whatever. Jesus christ, get over it!

          • Cici

            Na. I’ll keep my opinion on it. There isn’t much difference between her “stage life” & her “personal life”

  • Anon

    She is SICK and Crazy! she has DEMONS ON HER! that’s why she acts like that!

  • ♥ ♥

    Seeing Miley at the O2 in London. Hell yeah

    • thecat61

      Have fun!!!! I see her next month.

  • Emily

    What the fuck did I saw :| that is just disgusting and she sings like crap

    • thecat61

      At least she don’t lip sync. And the reviews beg to differ. Read them if you are able too.Try listening to her acoustic set. It may surprise you.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    O man, Miley come on.
    Her voice was not up to par in this song.

  • thecat61

    Everybody got their panties in a bunch once again by Miley’s performance. Love it.

  • Eva

    I feel so embarrassed for her future self….