Selena Gomez Kids’ Choice ’14 Seating

selena-gomez-kids-choice-seating (6)Selena Gomez will seat near Ariana Grande at Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday via BOP & TigerBeat. + pix of Selena look effortlessly beautiful at Kaffe Rouge after We Day.


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    • andy

      more like triple chin

      • Very bitchy

        Both of you are so classy, I wonder what you look like?

  • thecat61

    Selena just got served papers. Let the games begin.

    • Guest

      Thats what happens when you date douche bags

    • lol

      Court pics coming

      • thecat61

        I guess the paps who Justin clocked is also gonna serve her papers. Oh boy!

  • anon

    So, let me understand this, people hate on Selena Gomez because she is dating a jerk? So, it doesn’t matter if she is nice person herself? Okay.

    • anonymous

      how is it ok if she’s dating a jerk even if she’s a ‘nice person’?

    • Guest

      People also hate on her because she is a fake druggie,smoker,alcoholic while pretending to be a good wholesome girl for young girls to look up to.

      People hate because she sets an example to young girls to keep going back to unhealthy relationships with druggie criminal boyfriends.

      People hate because shes a user who dates the current it boys and use celebrity friends to stay relevant because she has no talent to stay relevant with her singing and acting.

      • Well

        Most of that is rumours & speculation, your opinion on her is only formed by what the media has shown. There are always three sides to a story. Also not a good enough reason to HATE on someone so vehemently because she is in no way, shape or form hurting or harming you. She’s just a celebrity, maybe redirect that passion into bettering your life

  • javi g

    i hope if they question her. that she docent answer like a douche like bieber did. but in my view judging by the pics everybody saw the paparazzo was stalking them. i do hope she can take every question and don’t break thats what lawyers want that you can’t handle the questions.