Selena Gomez Kids’ Choice Awards 2014

selena-kids-choiceselena-gramSELENA WON FAVORITE SINGER! UPDATED with Selena’s speech under!

  • anon

    “You guys have been the most loyal and dedicated people in my life.”
    Shade Queen shading her family

    • honesty


    • Guest

      Well they did put her out and had her living in a hotel

  • uest

    Did her voice sound oddly deep to anyone else?


      smoking :

  • anonymous

    i hope there’s enough water at the awards

  • Kirsten

    Her makeup and extensions >>>


      she always has really good hair


    she actually looks good must finally have stopped seeing bieber

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She looks pretty.
    The girl next to Selena is beautiful.

  • js

    It looks like she has been crying

    • guest

      She has been looking sad for awhile now.

  • HolyGround

    Her hair and makeup are gorgeoussss



    • Eva

      That’s my girl.


    Selena looks soooo pretty here