Selenators Win Fan Army + Selena Moving

selena-fierceSELENATORS won BEST FAN ARMY at Kids’ Choice Awards 2014.

Do YOU think they deserved to win?

Selena Gomez bought a $3 million for a 5-bedroom 7,200 sq. ft. Calabasas mansion, located minutes away from the Kardashian house in Hidden Hills, reports TMZ. Selena demanded that the home NOT be in The Oaks where Justin Bieby used to live.

  • lol

    See? I told ya she is a Kardashian now.

  • new house
    • javi g

      looks big from the air, but also looks beautiful but a new color and i would add more fences. and i thought it cost more but 3 million sounds like the old owners wanted to get the hell out of there fast. maybe they found out kanye lives near by.

      • Eva

        She definitely got a good deal there…

        • javi g

          yup. most of those houses went down in price i think in 2008 with the bad economy i don’t know if the house was built then or later. but i think she could bring her cousins or some relatives or any boy to live with her . but i would install a gym and a music studio in one of those bedrooms also a game room.

  • Eva

    But Selenators do deserve to win, not because of social presence but because they really have stuck with her through all the bs she has brought to the table, and she is not very social media type…. she doesn’t tweet and instagrams like 3 times a week but her fanbase on twitter is growing…. even when other celebrities beg for followers like 15 million followers and i will release a song type of thing…. she doesn’t. Aargh, I am sleepy. Bye.