Why Jennette McCurdy Didn’t Attend KCA

jennette-mccurdy-naked-pictures (92)jen-nickJennette McCurdy Twitter: A lot of you guys are asking why I didn’t attend the KCAs.. I wish I could explain everything as thoroughly as I would like to, but unfortunately a simpler explanation is all I can write. I was put in an..

..uncomfortable, compromising, unfair situation (many of you have guessed what it is) and I had to look out for me. I chose to not go because sticking up for what is right and what is fair is what my mom taught me is ALWAYS the most important thing.

And I want to thank those of you who have reached out with kind words of support, McCurdians & Arianators alike. No matter who or what you support, I believe in supporting fairness first. If you have done that, thank you.

  • confused

    Sooooo….what happened???

  • guest

    Is this bitch still trying to use the basketball player to bring attention to herself? She is so fvcking pathetic.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    What happened? I’m going on twitter to see who guessed it right because she said “many of you have guessed what it is.”

    • nolitaa

      i thought it had something to do with the photographs, but quite a few people on twitter are saying it has something to do with Ariana.

      • honesty

        I thought it was the pix too but that wouldn’t make much sense since she’s talking about being fair…? I am lost on this.

      • honesty

        Jennette favorited this on twitter so it was about the pictures http://pbs.twimg.com/media/Bj8YtXpIEAAVr2d.jpg#twimg

        • anon

          Ariana leaked the pics? Why did she sent it to her? Was they dating? D:

          • honesty

            Hahaha! No, no, and no. We don’t know why she unfollowed Ariana but Ariana definitely was not the one to leak the pix.

          • nolitaa

            jennette just tweeted that it had nothing to do with the photos, so I’ll just assume it was something Ariana related. this is too damn confusing :-/

          • honesty

            Now she’s tweeted that it had to do with the way nickelodeon treated her :-/ I wonder what they did. So I guess this is her way of giving them the middle finger after whatever they did to her.

          • laura

            I’m pretty sure they weren’t to happy about those pictures.. Maybe Nickelodeon told her she wasn’t allowed to go?

          • honesty

            But she said she was standing up for herself by not going so…if she was banned then that wouldn’t make sense because she wouldn’t be allowed anyway right? Lol I’m so confooooosed.

          • laura

            Me too! But I honestly can’t imagine Nickelodeon insisting her to go, you know? Maybe Nickelodeon was being unreasonable with her and giving her all kinds of shit so she decided not to go?

          • honesty

            That’s a possibility! I guess we may never really know until she decides to elaborate…which she probably can’t do because she’s terrified of her bosses.

          • laura

            I’d be terrified too, they’re the people paying her shit loads of money so it’s only understandable she is obeying to them. I’d love it if she came clean though together with other Nickelodeon and Disney stars. It just doesn’t seem like a very friendly environment to me tbh..

          • honesty

            I agree. Anywhere where people are investing and making millions of dollars is never a fun, friendly environment. They just want money.

          • guest

            Jennette released those photos.

  • honesty

    Anyone care to explain to all of us? Rofl.

  • Soo…

    From what I can tell, either people are saying that she’s banned from the KCAs because of the leaked pictures, or because she made a joke about suicide that people didn’t like: https://twitter.com/jennettemccurdy/status/449005115320463361

    I don’t know for sure, though. If anyone knows, post here, please.

    • honesty

      That was an idiotic, insensitive thing to tweet.

    • Dara

      Oh my God, what a bitchy thing to say! Who in the right mind would tweet that? She needs to delete it

    • http://instagram.com/foreverjordan thesestrangelittlethings

      Oh my goodness, I would ban her so mother effing quickly. What a heartless thing to tweet, let alone think.

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      Oh see that tweet was fucked up.

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

    she didn’t even post nudes. after miley’s nude leaked she fucked up shit!

  • Zaina777

    It has to do with how nickelodeon treated me. That’s all. Thanks for the love. <3

  • anon

    Twitter verdict: Jennette won the kca votes but nickelodeon gave it to ariana.
    only informing

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      That’s messed up.

      • Cici

        Love your avi <3

        • Marina And My Diamonds

          Thank you! :)

    • Eva

      Really? Ariana is supposedly always beefing with her co stars lmao.

    • Jena

      That’s what I’ve gathered too. Apparently Jennette was the one who was meant to receive the award but due to Jennette’s pictures, they rigged it to make Ariana win. And the reason why Jennette unfollowed her was because she was upset that Ariana actually accepted the award rather than standing by Jennette’s side and doing what she thought was the right thing.

      • Cici

        This makes so much sense. Well damnnn

  • HolyGround

    So much drama…can’t keep up

  • Dara

    Jennette is just trying to get attention at this point. She just tweeted something along the lines of “It has to do with the way Nickelodeon treated me, that’s all” Seriously bitch, you can’t just keep your mouth shut? Her fans are all calling it “dickelodeon” and telling her to leave nick. Maybe this bitch really does need to be off Nickelodeon. Let’s see how her career will do if she leaves (which I doubt she ever would)

  • fggfg

    She should’ve never accepted Sam & Cat to begin with. Bad career move, as she’s clearly not happy being stuck on a kid’s channel when most other actresses her age have moved on to adult roles.

    • guest

      Good career move. Stay where the money is as long as you can.

  • i’msicksowhynotcomment?

    Sad to see what she’s doing. She has been on Nickelodeon a very long time and by doing this she is pissing on all her connections and friends that work there. Obviously I don’t know what happened but I agree with the sentiment that she is just looking for attention at this point.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Wait what happened what did nick do to her? Is it that she actually won the favorite actress category?

  • Emma Stone

    “It has to do with how nickelodeon treated me.”
    Attention seeking at its finest, right there.

    • Molly

      Wow you’re so sad. You obviously don’t understand her reasoning, fucking wake up

      • Emma Stone

        Please enlighten me on her reasoning then.
        Because all I can see is her talking negative about a company she is still working for. If she wants to continue having a career in acting she should learn that it’s not the way to go. Who else is going to want to hire her knowing she has a history of talking bad about companies she’s still in contract with?

  • My opinion

    In my opinion, This is the end of Sam and Cat, since Ariana
    seems to have beef with her costars which won’t work well. And I actually
    support her not going, becauseNickelodeon has been mistreating her for years. She’s been put as second banana for years, (
    while I personally saw iCarly as an ensamble cast, they worked together.) and now she has to take a backseat to Ariana
    who already is ridiculously pimped out ridiculously, and favored by The executive producer himself since he was
    bragging about Ariana and talking about how ‘amazing’ she was since Victorious even started. When you think about it, Jennette’s done a lot
    for Nick. When they wanted another hit show, since Victorious wasn’t measuring up in
    ratings into the middle of the second season, Dan Schnieder, the network, and
    Ariana cut a deal that if Victorious ended, that she’d be the
    one to get another show since her popularity was rising. And once
    Victorious was ‘cancelled’, (For Sam and Cat) Ariana got her show, but since
    she wasn’t that strong/great of an actress, they had to pair her with someone
    popular and familiar, and since iCarly always had the best ratings, they picked
    from there. Nathan Kress and Miranda
    Cosgrove already were moving on, so they went with Jennette, who had no plans
    of continuing with ‘Sam Puckett’ she even said so herself. But she initially
    considered it out of respect, and admiration for Dan .

    He helped her make a
    name for herself, and she was grateful/ loyal to him, so she agreed to do the show.
    But on one condition, that they not hire her exboyfriend Paul, who’s a 32 year
    old writer for Nickeloden, who she met and worked with on icarly. Everyone
    swore and promised up and down they wouldn’t, but when they all showed up to do
    the pilot, boom, there was Paul, Jennette flipped, and threatened to quit, not only the show, but the network, obviously
    they smoothed stuff over, but they did lie to her and double cross her. And
    they’ve been doing little things to her for years. Spelling her name wrong on
    ‘Figure it out’ after she’d been on the network for five years. Playing only
    the first 30 seconds of her ‘Generation Love’ music video while saying they
    were premiering, meaning all of it, which she told all her fans to watch for,
    which lead to disappointment all around. And they only played the whole thing
    days later after being forced into it, since her fans basically rioted. When
    Miranda had her music out, they played it all the time, same with Victoria’s /
    Victorious. They constantly bill Ariana
    as the star of Sam and Cat, and promote her at every turn, and now giving
    Ariana an award that Jennette actually won? I think this is the final straw, and if it is,
    good, because I’d be happy to see her do something other than Sam Puckett, people
    forget that Jennette mostly worked in
    dramatic roles before iCarly. Plus Cat
    Valentine’s voice has hit a pitch that hurts my ears, besides and I think we
    can tell Jennette’s sick of the show, she recently said it was tough being Sam
    without a ‘Carly’ to play off of, and she’s been ‘rebelling’ for a while.

  • Oh

    I think this thing with Jennette and Ariana has been building for a while cause I caught some subtle Ariana shade in Jennette’s ‘FANS’ video. When she sang. ‘Didn’t have to drop a penny to gain your affection, you used your discretion, that’s cool. Cause now I don’t have to feel like a whore. For buying fans , cause how weird is that?’ Then she gave a look to the camera. And as we all know Ariana’s been caught with quite a large amount of fake accounts, which are now bots,following her. I think she has the second largest number on twitter.

  • Caitlyn D

    i think jennette has a crush on ariana and knows she isnt good enough for her

  • Yep

    yep, she definitely wants out of Nickelodeon. She tweeted this about her contract. “Oh god I’m FINALLY almost done! I can’t wait till I get to the next chapter ….of this book I’m reading. Only 16…pages left. ;)

  • hghghghg

    To be honest, I would refuse to go too. I would have been so pissed and so done. In fact I am. It’s not fair to Jennette. Yeah the pictures and whatnot weren’t exactly smart, but whenever Miley’s ‘scandalous ‘ pictures were leaked (The ones she sent to Nick Jonas) she still won a blimp that year. She even cried during her acceptance speech, because she really thought she was going to lose, after the backlash she got from that, and that photoshoot she did where she wore nothing but a sheet. At least Jennette was legal when the pictures happened. So why would they allow Miley to win, after her racy pictures, but snub one of their own actresses? Jennette earned that award. She’s been working for Nick for 7+ years, and the most she got that entire time was Favorite Sidekick, and she split that with Noah Munck. Now she finally got favorite actress, and they gave it to Ariana who isn’t that good. The pics were just an excuse to favorite Ariana again.