Demi Lovato Crying WARRIOR Speech

From @rourtneycose: Demi got emotional/ cried while preforming Warrior in Nashville. 3.29.14 She also gave a sweet, heart felt speech at the beginning. ‘Give Your Heart A Break’ with everyone under!


  • Babyhhh

    That was so fucking perfect. I love her so much. And i know for some people hearing her talk about her story all the time might be annoying but like she said there might be always new people hearing that and who actually need to know that are not alone and i’m pretty sure she saves lives this way. This is what it should be all about. I cried.

  • Cici

    She was in my hometown <333 So pissed I missed it but oh well. That's what youtube is for haha

  • aly

    I love her. I know some people might find her annoying or fake, but at least she’s not doing shit around like breaking the law, spitting on her fans like if she was the shit (COF COF Miley, Bieber) or anything like this. EVEN if her story was fake (which I doubt, but anyway) she still is doing it for a good reason: helping people, inspiring them and making them aware that they should seek for help.