Justin Bieber Booed @ Juno Awards 2014

Justin Bieber booed after winning a Canadian Juno Award.

VIDEO of Bieber in Montreal under!

  • smh

    I dislike his behavior but this is just sad now and rude. Like who still booes people? Grow up. They didn’t boo other celebs when they did mistakes, like ever. Will they ever leave him alone? Lay off the dude. He’s trying to get is shit together y’all won’t let him.

    • anna

      idk. im a huge fan of justin but i think with his recent behaviors he pretty much ruined his career and the majority of the population respecting him. unfortunately, he will never have the respect justin timberlake has and majority of the population won’t let go of his past…just like how they didn’t forget about chris brown beating rihanna. i hope I’m wrong but i think so many people hate him for his attitude and behavior that it will be hard to change their opinions, regardless of if he makes good music or not

      • Cali

        Agree w/ this I hated his music and liked him as a person a few years ago. He is just digging his career an early grave w/ his antics right now. He is now that messed up teen star stereotype.

    • k

      people booed kanye

  • anon

    impolite much?

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Rude but he dug his own career grave. He knew he was messing up and didn’t seem to care. What makes it worse is that he never apologized for his behaviour, that might have helped some.