Selena Gomez ‘Ma Latina Hair Texture’

selena-latina-hairselena-subwayThat one time I had ma Latina texture going on.. Or just.. everyday.

+ Selena with a fan at Subway!

  • BrokenArrow18

    how is that supposed to be latina hair texture lmao

  • threelittlebirds

    She looks super pretty in that pic.

  • natasha

    Im latina im from.colombia and honey and we dont have a texture hair are u kidding me, this girl annoys me she doesnt speak spanish she just know a couple of latin country but not the culture and she is not latina so I dont know why she always come with the latina bull*** and actualli almost all the people has straigh hair u know for our “raices indigenas”.

    • ……

      Calm down, so you’re saying that she’s not latina because she can’t speak the language? She’s Mexican-American & she grew up mostly with her white family. You should encourage people to embrace their culture not put them down because they are not latina enough

    • Victoria

      Im latina too and my hair is just like hers. I dont have curves or a big butt and im pale as fuck i speak spanish and i was born in chile. But are you saying just because i dont have the indigen aspect i shouldnt call myself latina? Thats bullshit language skin hair body or country doesnt define anything

      • nina

        We cannot tell someone what they are and what they are not. Though i understand people that say she is not latina, i guess in a way we expect them to live on their country from origin to be considered latina. If you live in the states you are living an american lifestyle and doesn’t matter how many families of the same nationality live in the neighborhood it will never be the same as in living in your family’s country.

    • ghgh

      sorry but latin people are not indigenas latin people have many races like white black asia you need to learn more culture from your country or from latin america because the way you talk sound too ignorant who doesnt know nothing

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        Agreed, lupita from 12 years of slave is Mexican because she was born there. Obviously her ethnicity is different than her nationality.

    • vnv

      haha please stop voting to your own comments or those people who vote they must be stupid like you because they dont know nothing either

  • Cici


  • Cici

    Maybe she’s meaning how her hair is thicker and more strong than others? That’s the impression I get from it. Latina’s do seem to hold curl & whatnot better than any others. I am jealous. I want her hair

    • lmsk

      Her hair actually sucks. It looks pretty in this picture because well… It’s a picture with effects and everything, she’s probably using extensions and stuff. If you see pics of her with her hair in the natural form you’ll see how ugly it is. But the fact is that she probably straightens her hair all the time like most celebs. And no, not all latina’s hairs are thick or strong.

      • Cici

        Sooooo was all of that supposed to change my opinion on her perfectionism? Because it didn’t. She is forever flawlessss

  • FuckHarry

    I’m Latina and my hair is straight af -.- I’m jealous.

  • Zaina777

    To the people saying that she’s not Latina, you’re wrong. Just because Selena doesn’t sound like Shakira or Sofia Vegara or have the same ass or curves as Jennifer Lopez doesn’t mean she isn’t Latina or isn’t as much of a Latina than they are.

    In fact she’s exactly equal to them.

    • ana

      Actually, if she was born in USA she’s american, not latina. She has latin origins, but she’s not latina. Or else all of us would have more than one nationality. I have italian and portuguese origins but I’m not italian, I am brazilian because I was born here.

  • Guest1

    She was talking about her hair? I thought she was talking about her outfit?

  • guest

    She knows she is losing her white fan base so now she is reaching out to Latinos for support.

    Sorry Selena,you never showed much love to Latinos when you were on top,with the exception of Francia,you are mostly seen with white friends,you never had a Latino boyfriend so don’t come running to the Latino commnuity now for support now when you’re down.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Is taylor launter not Latin ?

      • guest


        Lautner has Austrian, English, German, Swiss-German, French, Irish, and Dutch heritage,[7] and has stated that he has “distant” Native American ancestry (specifically Ottawa and Potawatomi), through his mother.

        • guest

          Taylor Lautner

          Taylor has Austrian, English, German, Swiss-German, and French ancestry.

          Around 2005-2006, in a Q & A, Taylor stated that he is of French,
          Dutch, and German ancestry. In a 2008 interview, he stated that he had then-recently discovered that he has “distant” Ottawa Native American and Potawatomi Native American ancestry (on his mother’s side of the
          family), while preparing for his role as a Native American in Twilight.

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          Wow I assumed he was Latin lol

    • Azzz

      hahaha latin is not a race you know that right?i have friends and they are latins they are white with blond hair some of then blue eyes you need to get back to school and learn some cultures because you schhol must be fuck they dont know nothing

      • threelittlebirds

        that person didn’t even say anything about latin being a race. they said latino, which is different. latino isn’t a race either, but they didn’t say anything about it being one.

      • guest

        Where did I say Latin was a race?You need to get back to school and learn to read. While there you should work on your grammar skills as well.

        “because you schhol must be fuck they dont know nothing”-Dumb Azzz

        • Azzz

          Haha well look who is talking you are telling me about this ? you need the one to get back to school not me and my grammar ? sorry this is not grammar school for your information by the way you are so dumb and stupid

          • guest

            ” you need the one to get back to school not me and my grammar ?- (Dumb) Azzz

        • Cvb

          Well it sounds like you say it about Latinos and is not a race you say white and Latinos ? what? sorry but no Latin people have many races white black chinese and indiganas and think you are the one who needs to back to school because school in the U.S they don’t teach nothing about that

          • guest


    • fgcbh

      latin is not a race you moron

      • guest

        I never said it was a race…moron

        • Fgcbn

          Well you better talk nicely moron

    • anon

      If you look at her M&G and concerts pics you will realize that her fan base consists mostly of mixed people. She never had a “white fan base”.

      • Dgbhb

        Huh? White fan base? wow sooo many ignorance people who doesn’t know about race wow Lmao

  • anonymous

    i’m just very puzzled by this self-defeating hoe clingy behavior

  • Vicky

    Actually her dad is mexican so thats makes her half latina theres no need to speak spanish fluently or have the latina aspect to be one. Its in her blood

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Even if she was full she wouldnt have to speak the language. J lo is 100 percent Puerto rican and didnt know Spanish until a few years ago.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    She looks hot

  • Kirsten

    Girlll….shutup she annoys me now. Like I feel like she’s fool of herself now I don’t know if Bieber boosted her head or whatever but I get the vibe that she thinks she the shit just by looking at her Instagram pics. Like selena your pretty and all. But chill lol idk what is it I just feel like she’s full of her self.

  • Kirsten

    She can be Latina and not have curves and not speak like isn’t Demi Latina ? She has an Latina body I give her that but she doesn’t have Latinas hair type or speak Spanish. So I’m guessing it just depends on your genes.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Demi isn’t fully Hispanic

      • angela

        How did you calculate this? Her dad is Mexican and her mom is white.

      • Kirsten

        Lol did I ask how much of what she has in her? NO && I really don’t give a fuck. All I was saying is that she is Latina in her just like selena && that she had an Latina body. && just because selena isn’t curvy and doesn’t have an big ass doesn’t mean she’s not Latina.
        && that it really depends on the persons genes. I did not ask what percent of Latina Demi is ? So your comment was not needed lol I was making a point that to be a Latina doesn’t mean you look a certain way. It depends on your genes.

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          All I said was Demi wasn’t fully Hispanic. Never said anything about her or Selena’s body. Calm down.

    • fgb

      not a lot woman who are latina has nice body sorry but is not like that some woman are skinny some of them are fat and some are normal if a woman is latin is not supose to be like that have body like that

    • 4556

      haha sorry but i am latin and dont have and i am so skinny with no butt no curves i am plane

    • 2334

      no i am latin and i dont have body no butt no curves

  • Overexposed

    Latina texture? She’s wearing her ratty extensions…..

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lmfao <3

    • anon

      I think this is her natural hair

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She looks really pretty here.
    She’s Mexican-Italian-American which to people that are actually from Mexico don’t consider her to be full Mexican which she isn’t in the first place.
    Her Dad’s Mexican and her Mom is Italian and she was born in America, so that’s that.

    It’s like this, I’m African American but I’m not from Africa. Africans that come to America tell me I’m Black American and they consider it a difference. I have Native American as well as (white) English blood in me but I see myself as Black and that’s that.

    And I have curly, thick, unruly, texture hair, I didn’t give mines a race.

    • thesestrangelittlethings

      I really don’t understand how people can’t figure this out.

  • Eva

    lmao @ the people making this into a big deal…

  • cerenagee

    God she’s fucking beautiful. I’m Latina and I wish my hair was thick like that. Its curly but not super thick

  • Well

    Lol that comment talking about having to basically meet bullet points to be latin is hilarious to me. There’s diversity in every nationality and race. I mean look at freaking Cameron Diaz. She’s latina. Or James Roday (Shawn Spencer from Psych), he’s Mexican but doesn’t look it. But the biggest one, that people seem shocked by is the fact that Alexis Bledel (Rory from the amazingness that is ‘Gilmore Girls’) blue eyed, pale skinned Alexis, is Argentinian, and Spanish is her first language and she didn’t learn English till first grade. People come in different packages, and just because her hair’s a certain way, or she doesn’t speak doesn’t Spanish, doesn’t take away from what she is. Everyone is a descendant of multiple things, but do they speak every language of every race that builds up their background? No. Who knew all this controversy could stem from a picture on instagram? People criticize stereotypes, but that’s what they wanna do to each other.

  • Ailen:)

    girls calm down she’s half mexican her dad is from mexico that makes her mexican, yes she doesn’t speak spanish or maybe just a little bit but she’s still 50% mexican, I have cousins in the US and they’re 100% mexican cause both of their parents are mexican, even though they dont speak spanish, and your look doesn’t define your ethnicity, my family comes from spain as most of the latin people, but doesn’t mean we look the same I mean my whole family is white, my brothers are blonde and with green eyes, so are my grandma and my aunts but we’re still mexicans