Bieber Has Naked Selena Gomez Videos

jelena-kissingJustin Bieber and Selena Gomez is real they have sharing sexy videos with each other, reports OK! Justin said that he deletes the videos after he receives them, but ‘no one believes it for a second. They’re both so into their images and turning each other on. It’s starting to spill over into their public selfies, which are getting sexier and sexier.’

They send nude pictures to each other and also having Skype sex: ‘They’re both so bad for each other, as they really bring out each other’s daredevil side. Right now they’re totally in lust and, as usual, pushing their luck by filming their bedroom activities.

They also correctly point out that if the videos got out, it would ruin Selena’s career and image, not Justin’s. That’s the horrifying thing that Justin doesn’t realize. He’ll come out of it a big stud, but her picture-perfect image would be destroyed.’

Would YOU like to see Selena’s nude pictures?

According to Hollywood Life, Selena bought that $3 million mansion in Calabasas because she wants Justin to move in with her. She is trying to persuade him to move back to the LA area and leave Atlanta all together.

Justin is actually considering it and for now will stay with Selena whenever he’s in town. Before Selena purchased the house, she consulted with Justin and they both agreed on the one in Calabasas.

This weekend Selena picked up the Favorite Female Singer award at the Nickelodeon Choice Awards and sparked rumors she and Justin maybe engaged after she was snapped with a ring on her finger. Though these claims were later denied.

They are not engaged nor are they getting engaged anytime soon. It was nothing more than a fashion choice. The ring was a gift from Justin. It’s not an engagement ring, but they are back on and very serious.

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  • BoredAtHome

    Uhh, well if it’s real, I kinda hope it leaks! LOL, i’m awful for saying that, but it would be the scandal of the decade! :p Selena in a scandal, I couldn’t be the only who finds that exciting. I’m sure it won’t destroy her image but boost her fame by a lot. She’d be the talk of the town!

    • javi g

      it did a lot for the kardashians and for paris in the beginning. i have to say yes i kind of want a sex tape or nude pictures(real no photoshoped) of her i mean if miley goes in too shows half naked and fans don’t seem to mind i would love to see if selena goes all she’s an adult now probably boost her image with adults and male teenagers.

  • Overexposed

    I don’t doubt it, Selena isn’t as innocent as she seems.

    • A Cat

      I would just hope she’s smart enough not to. Celebrities are notorious of having their stuff leaked out by hackers and thieves (when they’re not doing it themselves). Selena’s team is good at covering things up – I hope she wouldn’t jeopardize her reputation now just because she’s lusting after the Biebs.

  • Hmmm

    If it’s true it would probably never leak, selena and her team are very good @ hiding things. For example how long do you think she’s been smoking cigarettes? & the public only found out recently from selena herself, when she didn’t hide that she bought them and posted it to Instagram

    • BrokenArrow18

      her cousin actually said she smokes and drinks years ago and nobody cared lol

  • Godney

    If he allows them to leak it would be such a jerk move of him tbh (and who ever gets to leak them if they are true)

  • anon

    It must be the cause she doesn’t search a new boyfriend. Justin will release them if she does lol

  • Angie.

    I bet her team is releasing all this bs just to keep her in the news and talked about. All that engagement bs rumors for PR. They’re not even together lol he’s hanging out with everyone except her but he’s on time off. If they were so in love they would be together all the time. Maybe she’s back to rehab or something so they’re using it to cover it up just like the reunion in January. All these spottings were fake and by her team so people think she was with him meanwhile she went to rehab. They’re such a PR stunt it makes me giggle. I guess for Selena any kind of PR is good PR.

    • hmm

      All celebrities love PR stunts and attention not just selena. It’s necessary for their careers, the public is fickle and its hard for most to stay relevant. Shes also good for justin’s image because even while he’s back to hanging out with all those girls from before, the media is more focused on the jelena drama train

      • Mariah

        The point was that her team uses jelena drama and rumors way more then his and uses it to cover up shit like her rehab or before album coming out or movie or whatever.
        And false not all celebs do shit to keep themselves in the news. Many don’t and are relevant because they’re actually talented. Since she isn’t she needs it more.

        • hmmm

          1)you are naive if you think ‘talent’ keeps you relevant. Hollywood is a business and businesses need to advertise their product, PR is one form of advertising used especially for mainstream celebrities and pop stars.
          2)Selena does have talent, i mean how did she land disney? she wasn’t that pretty in the beginning and she didn’t have any connections to get her in
          3)i do think they use each other equally and its actually hurting her image lately because everybody thinks she a complete fool for being with him.
          4) he needs a lot of help to turn his image around because its a mess and i have no idea how his team are going to do it

          • Jes

            lol anyone can land a role disney

          • hmmm

            Not really, thousands and thousands of kids audition for disney and you have to have a special something to get your own show and win emmy’s for it

          • Mariah

            No. Selena doesn’t have any actual talent. Nice try though. Also Justin doesn’t need her or anyone else for his good image LMAO it’s all on him to grow up and get his shit together.

          • Zaina777

            If she had no talent whatsoever I highly doubt she would be as succesful as she is at the moment. Look up Farah Abraham that is talentless. Selena has far more talent than that girl.

            Another thing, you all claim that Selena is the one using Justin but it’s kinda funny how he was the one who mentioned her name way back in 2009 first before she ever mentioned him at all.
            Doesn’t that make him the user here not Selena?

          • Angie.

            Your excuses for Selena make me giggle. She used PR from dating him and it boosted her career that’s a FACT. Accept it. Lmao yeah I am sure he used her. He can buy her and sell her. Sad how she the one who is so overrated while there are way more talented girls out there. And she’s not as successful like you make her. Kesha is “successful” but sucks. You tried though.

          • Zaina777

            No…if anything they both used each other.
            Selena isn’t crazy talented but she runs laps around some oher people like Kim K.

          • Angie.

            Come on now lol what would he need her for ? If he actually wanted to use someone he would chose someone more relevant,talented and prettier also his age too. That Jasmine chick to me was better. Bieber never really needed Selena not even as a beard since normal people know he’s straight. He had relationships before he even became famous. He doesn’t need her now either cause nobody except himself can fix his image. He has to man up and stop acting like an idiot. That’s it. If he wanted to be a power couple and date someone and benefit from it he would try Miley . But she had higher standards. At least now he’s looking better.

          • Zaina777

            Yeah…but he mentioned her first…she doesn’t really mention him she just kind of goes to him. Remember that princess thing that he posted… I dunno.

            Miley didn’t seem like his type though and vice versa. When Justin first came out. No one really saw Miley as sweet and innocent anymore. Whereas Selena was still just that, sweet and innocent.

            Jasmine also wasn’t as famous as Selena when they dated or were together. I think Justin was better for her but she wasn’t better for him . I liked when he and Selena were first dating they were cute and sweet and actually looked good together. Now it’s like they go back to each other when they need each other or need some kind or need some kind of sweet , innocent image to uphold again.

          • lol

            “he can buy her and sell her” yes lets use selena as an object that justin has control over. youre so delusional i can’t. i didnt even know the douchebag had fans anymore.

          • Guest

            He still has more fans that your famewhore idol dumb bitch accept it she sucks idiot

          • hmmm

            Just deciding to grow up isn’t going to help his image, his team is going to have to strategically plan a way to improve it or he’s just going to be known as vanilla ice 2.0. The believe movie was supposed to help with that but then he had all these scandals. Its going to be very difficult to win his young audience back, because parents don’t trust him and he needs the young fans because most 20+ people don’t like him. Btw, selena does have talent, you might not appreciate it but other people do

    • k
  • courtney

    The fact that they’re saying Selena’s image would be ruined if naked photos got out and not justin’s as well says a lot about our society.

    • A Cat

      There’s a huge double standard when it comes to sexuality in males and females. If girls have sex, they lose the respect of others but if guys have sex, they get applauded.

      • Angie.

        I hate that shit. Can’t Hold Us Down by Christina Aguilera talks about that and the song is classic.

        • threelittlebirds

          that’s one of my fav songs by her.

  • javi g

    real or not i would find it interesting if selena had naked pics or a sex tape. it did a lot of the kardashians. like i said in another post i woudint find it bad but interesting. miley goes naked half of the time and no one seems to mind. i would say a new selena gomez with more of a free attitude would be interesting.

    • smiler101

      Yeah sure because all of you haven’t been calling miley slut, bitch, hore and so on for just sexy outfit but if Selena does have a sex tape it will be interesting?! Fuck society!!

      • javi g

        lol yup society is fucked up. people will find the sex tape of selena,ariana or bella thorne and debbie ryan cool. but the sex tape people will most want now its either miley or that blond chick from sam and cat.

        • smiler101

          Even do how much I love miley I really have no interest in seeing her having sex, neither of them actually, it’s like if you get a sex tape of your parents, no one needs to see than! So yeah, it wouldn’t be cool or anything, I mean yes is just sex but if feels private to me :)

          • smiler101


  • Caitlyn D

    he’s too good for her

    • lol

      this better be sarcasm

      • Mariah

        It’s the truth though. Just because she has a better image and cute face doesn’t make her so good lol get over yourselves people in general heis more talented successfully and famous and has bigger name. She’s nothing special he could do better stop licking her ass she’s no saint lol

  • Guest

    I can see it for when they were first together but we don’t even know if they’re back together. They haven’t been seen together since Texas. As for moving in with her? I kinda don’t believe that. Is Ok! Mag even a reliable source?

    • threelittlebirds

      the only magazine i will believe, which is stretching it, is People. But the only true source is hearing it from the celebrity themselves.

  • Dina

    pretty sure this is a lie, selena is not that stupid , all are rumers

  • Eva

    If this is true Selena is an idiot.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    IF this IS true I wouldn’t be surprised if Selena or Justin leaked them for publicity themselves. Selena has been acting.. I guess weird lately. You can tell she’s trying to be sexy/badass. Or maybe she always was. Who knows with celebs, lying is like breathing to them.