Miley Cyrus Emotional At Soundcheck

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Miley Cyrus got emotional at her soundcheck yesterday in Boston. Her sister Noah Cyrus climbs on stage and holds up the godly apparition Miley Christ as she glowingly dedicated “Landslide” to Floyd and says “I really shouldn’t say he’s my favorite, but he really was my favorite. He passed away and I just wanna sing a song for him.” More emotional soundcheck videos UNDER!

  • Boo

    Poor girl :(

  • getlikemiley

    This breaks my heart. Wish i could give her a big hug :(

  • Alii


  • HolyGround

    Aw this is so sad :(

  • AU

    Not a fan of her, but it is really sad to see her crying.

    • in jesus name i pray amen


  • anon

    Miley channeled Lila and Liam losses in her love for Floyd. It was like her kid. Now she doesn’t have that dog anymore she is experiencing all the pain at once

  • thecat61

    For the amount of heartbreak she was feeling she continued to give it her all. She is amazing. God love her.

    It’s so sad to look at these pictures. :(

  • FuckHarry

    This is so heartbreaking, my heart aches for her I hope she stays strong during all of this.

  • Aw

    She sounded really good when she sang Landslide, up until she started crying and her voice went, and it was sad. I hope she’ll get to feel better soon. It’s such a weird mood whiplash having her be emotional in that red flashy weird costume.

  • jessica

    Why do all of her dogs die so young? Dogs usually live at least 10 years and her’s drop like flies. is she even feeding them?!

    • thecat61

      Floyd was killed by a coyote and Lila was killed by Ziggy. Ya got it.

      • ???

        oh? did they confirm it was by a coyote? i thought it was just health problems, that’s really sad

        • thecat61

          Apparently it has been confirmed.

          • threelittlebirds

            that’s terrible. i would never let my dogs outside, knowing there’s coyotes around.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Ugh I feel so bad for her, I couldnt imagine how I’d feel if that happened to my dog

  • Emily

    She sounded SO beautiful.

  • Kirsten

    Awwww miley :( I feel so bad for her . Everyone knows how much she loves her dogs.

  • in jesus name i pray amen

    This actually is sad… First time she has shown some actual emotion — looks like it took a death in her life to knock some sense into her constantly-naked-weed/alcohol-induced life.

    • thecat61

      Of course you see it now because she’s on tour. She was the same way when Lila was killed but she grieved in private. Damn, get a clue. Your so pathetic.

  • Eva

    Sometimes it is not just a dog….

    • Godney

      to me pets are never just pets… i cried for months when my puppy was stolen, and when my other dog was killed… its always sad when a pet dies in tragic ways….

      • Eva

        Someone stole your puppy!!?? That is heartless! So sorry.

        • Godney

          Yes, she was close to be a year old, and she was took from my house. She was our last dog, it has been 7 years since that, and now we got a cat and still cant think to have another dog because no other dog will replace her.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I can’t be the only one that feels this is about something deeper. I feel bad for her. I hope her heart stops hurting. :(

  • BrokenArrow18

    I cant watch these videos