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    Miley would NOT be a good mom right now. She can’t even keep her dogs alive, too many have died too young, they shouldn’t even give her rescues anymore :

    • thecat61

      Very rude!!!!

      • mountainmiracle

        rude but true

        • thecat61

          Why don’t you people use the brains that god gave you. First off, Lila’s death was an accident. The dogs were playing and Ziggy got a little too rough, it happens. And as for Floyd, Miley wasn’t home at the time, remember, she’s on tour. smh

          So blaming Miley for this is so fucking absurd.

          • mountainmiracle

            Maybe she shouldn’t get so many dogs that she can’t even take care of. So it kind of is her fault, it’s not like she can’t take them on tour with her. Many celebrities on tour take their animals.

          • Op

            Lol you’re a selena fan. Bye

          • mountainmiracle

            really? Once again a smiler can’t help but to mention Selena. Can smilers get anymore pathetic…

          • Anon

            Pathetic is when someone with a selena icon comments on ONLY Miley Cyrus posts. You may not like her but there is a line where you need to understand some of the things you say is so disrespectful and rude especially when you don’t know her personally. I don’t like Demi lovato but do I comment on every single post with hate? No way. I let her be the person she wants to be. She lost her dog she cared about a lot and anyone could see the love she had. You may not like what she wears or acts but there will be a time when someone critizes you for being YOU.

          • mountainmiracle

            Umm I post on Selena Demi Taylor Justin and some other post so it’s not just Miley’s. Also if you really think Miley is “being herself” then you really are ignorant. Not every post I make about Miley is hate okay so calm down sweetie.

          • smiler101

            Look relaxed but that’s how thinks are, the smilers and the Selena fans don’t get along! I actually really dislike Selena so if I say something rude about her it’s pretty obvious that I won’t change my mind about no matter how many of her fans talk to me because the image I have of her it’s settled:)

          • hihihih

            You must be a fan of someone worth following then, aye? ;D now this will set you on fire ;) lol

          • thecat61

            That’s a piss pour excuse. A lot of people put their pets in kennels when they go on trip’s. And I’ve heard horror stories about that.

            Maybe you should’ve watched the The Fabulous Life of Miley Cyrus and you would have seen how well those dogs are taken care of.

          • mountainmiracle

            It’s easy to look like a loving pet owner on camera…I’m not saying that she didn’t love her dogs or take good care of them when she was WITH them but if she knows she’s going to be gone for months she shouldn’t get so many dogs. Obviously something is wrong her dogs die so young.

          • thecat61

            WTF!!!! What part of ‘Lila was killed by Ziggy accidentlly and Floyd was killed by a coyote didn’t you get?’

            Oh and unfortunately people die young also. I suppose that’s Miley’s fault too.

          • mountainmiracle

            Oh I got how they died but if someone was watching the dogs it could have been avoided.

          • thecat61

            Sure, it could’ve have been avoided but sometimes things happen so fast your reaction isn’t quick enough.

          • smiler101

            I have a dog at home that I see like once a month or so and if irresponsible from me to keep it then he.must be dead by now don’t you think? He’s fine, there’s people at home who take care of him while I’m gone and even.for he misses me a lot (so do I) nothing has changed just because I can’t stay home

          • hihihih

            lol reminds me of ‘keeping up with the kardashians’ “posh and perfect life” in their show. Media is suppose to show you the silver linings of the clouds. ;D Think beyond what is shown. Otherwise a person will always be blinded by the media like the story of Malaysian Airline still “not” to be found because all the satellites were on vacations?? >.< Now thats pathetic. ;D

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            <3 you and this is very true, miley didn't cause any of the dogs deaths. They were tragic accidents.

            I hope the rest stay safe

          • thecat61

            It just irritates the piss out of me when people are so disrespectful and ignorant when someone is going through a hard time.

          • Queen Amanda Bynes

            I agree

          • hihihih

            Were you peeking inside her home/personal life 24/7, thecat61?? -.- She is psycho enough to be aggressive with her dogs and prolly hurt them :/ The outlook and public image and actions of a person indicate his or her personal life. No doubt she acts absolutely crazy as compared to a regular girl of her age. She will ruin life of an innocent lil angel.

            P.S it must only be a rumour of her being preg. and hi miley :D just in case you are defending yourself as an anon lol

          • smiler101

            That’s the most twisted thing I had read on a while now, I you don’t like dog you don’t carry them around or take pictures with them, neither spent money on their food or toys so if she doesn’t love them I must so no love my dog as well…

    • Truth

      Well that’s rude. Miley and like many other celebrities are on tour and can’t always take their dogs with them. I have had 2 of my young dogs die because of health issues. Don’t assume that she just doesn’t care for them and uses them for selfies when she obviously loves dogs and would take them everywhere when she isn’t on your. The whole miley pregnant thing is shit too

    • js

      She’s on tour. You can’t honestly expect her to be with her dogs 24/7. Like any other person, she has a life too. I don’t spend every waking second at home with my animals either. Such is life. And you can’t assume that they’ve died because of improper care either. I’ve had two dogs die at a young age because of health problems and we were taking very good care of them. She’s not even pregnant.

      • Telia

        Amen, not a Miley fan but my border collie died at 4 years old because of bloat (when the stomach twists).. If a dog has health problems there isn’t much you can do to prevent things from happening, you just give them lots of love and care which she clearly did.

    • go fuck yourself

      too low oceanup, too low

    • smiler101

      That’s nothing you have the right to decided so don’t pretend you are worried about the safety of the pets. Accidents happen and it doesn’t matter how much care you take of a person or an animal they die, you can’t control it! It’s sad and you get heartbroken but if the time is right they’ll leave… It’s no one’s fault, only if she had drive over them, or didn’t feed or so but that’s not the case, she’s sad, respect that.

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  • guest

    The Gossip Cop website says that this is not true.

  • GossipCop

    She’s NOT Pregnant. We, at Gossip Cop, talked to her people.


    Disaster averted!

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Lol is this really gossip cop?

      • cerenagee

        Literally what I was thinking haha

  • Godney

    Lol, it sounds so fake

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  • Kylie

    the tabloids are running out of lies.

    • thecat61

      They’ve been saying this shit for a while. Hell, she’s been pregnant for 5 years now.

      Wasn’t there a story not to long ago where they said Miley was preggers and that was her way to keep Liam or something like that?

  • Emily

    I dont like Miley, but this is just ridiculous.

  • cerenagee

    Yeah right.

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