Willow Smith Dashing In Dreadlocks

willow smith dreads 8

Willow Smith rocks a new set of dreads. WHIP THAT HAIR GIRL

  • Rah

    She’s so gorgeous.

    • Billy bob

      Agree, she has grown into such free minded person

  • Cali

    like this look better than the wig she was wearing but she’s always pretty to me

  • threelittlebirds

    she really pulls them off. they look good on her.

  • Cici


  • guest

    Ugly and annoying(her brother too)

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I’m not a dreads fan but she looks good in them especially since her hair for the past year looked like she got into a fight and never thought to fix her hair.
    She’s a cutie.

  • Godney

    She looks sooo pretty!!!