Bieber & Austin Mahone Birthday Date

Justin Bieber Takes Austin Mahone Out To Dinner For His 18th Birthday In South BeachJustin Bieber takes Austin Mahone out to dinner at Nobu for his 18th birthday in Miami Beach, Florida. Justin and Austin are recording together at the Hit Factory. Happy Birthday. Photos: INF.


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He took public transportation, went to Walmart and now he’s hanging out with Mahone..
    Alrighty then.

    • huh

      Are you trying to say he’s slumming? Or calming down.?

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        There’s nothing slumming about Walmart nor public transportation. :) Calming down, I think he’s enjoying the paps not being around so much.

        • Huh

          No I wasn’t mad I just didn’t understand what you were saying . :) It’s nice he’s behaving normally.

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Sorry that came off harsh (it wasn’t suppose to) but I didn’t think you were mad. :) All is good.

  • captainamerica

    I think JB looks great here the pants are funny but look good on him here. Still I prefer him in normal casual clothes he looks fine AF in them.
    And tbh I think Austin would be so much better friend to him then these wannabe rappers leeches smh. He could even mentor Austin and really have a good friendship with him. At least he has his own money and career plus he looks up to Justin. I am looking forward for their song. Even though I prefer JB’s voice over Austin’s I think they will sound good together.

    • Ali

      Scooter said Justin wrote some song for Austin, but Justin is not singing on it

  • Z

    Those pants are actually cute. He looks nice even the tattoos fit good. I bet this is a dream come true for Austin since he’s always been a belieber. Maybe Bieber’s finally calming down and getting his shit together? If he is I am rooting for him. I miss the funny cute and nice Biebs from 2012.

  • anonymous

    this is what bieboon will look like in 3 years

    • anon

      im sad because chris brown was hot (still is) and now he’s in jail.

    • Idiots everywhere

      Shut the fuck up you ignorant idiot and grow up.

  • BrokenArrow18

    I’m excited to hear the song tbh. I’m not sure if Austin still looks up to him but this must be feel so surreal!

  • Maggie

    Welp if you can’t beat em..join em!!

  • anon

    Why does he look fat?

  • JUG

    Great opportunity for Austin Mahone. He could easily be the next Cody Simpson if Justin invites him on tour like he invited Cody. That exposure is priceless. No way Cody could be so famous today without Justin. Cody’s level of fame is a direct reflection of Justin’s power in the music industry.

    • anon

      lol Austin is already more sucessful than Cody

      • getlikemiley


  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Both are so hot

    • Mariah

      When Justin dresses normal or casual even those tattoos look nice. I wish I was his stylist he’d be the hottest dressed dude around. But I’m not and he’ll wear baggy stuff again smh

      • getlikemiley

        EXACTLY. He looks so good in just a shirt and pants. I’m done with him wearing those saggy ass shorts/pants and over sized shirts.

        • Mariah

          For real. Few times when he worecasual stuff he looked fine AF. In that James Dean inspired pic he’s very attractive. It’s like he doesn’t appreciate his looks and makes himself look bad w bad clothes like wtf

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        I agree, maybe he’ll start dressing like Austin. His 2012 style slays everyone

  • maya

    Maybe Austin can be a good influence on him?

    • getlikemiley

      Hopefully. I love that they’re hanging out because Justin needs to be around people who have their priorities straight. Austin is smart and so innocent so hopefully he stays true to himself and won’t let the attention of all this get to him.