Isabel ‘Nick Jonas Very Mature For Age’

nick-jonas-shirtless-careful (3)Isabel Lucas, 29, who plays the married woman that Nick Jonas has an affair with in Careful What You Wish For, told E! News: ‘He’s lovely. He’s very mature for his age. I think he was very focused on doing a really good job and rising to the occasion.’

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  • threelittlebirds

    people have been saying he’s mature for his age since he was 12.

  • cas

    When will his movie be out???

  • anon

    they hyped this so much when are we getting to see nick naked?

    • JoeJonasTroops

      don’t you know that it’s a thing with the jonases? that they hype and hype, tease and tease, talk and talk, hint and hint, make people so bard to wait any longer, by the time it’s finally ‘soon’ people already let…nick should have posted that selfie by the time they were about to release the movie to keep the buzz going…is it just me or am i a better promoter than him? lol

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    when is this out?

  • cas

    Some remarks were made before about the movie not being distributed. If this is so, could it be because of the breakup of the Jonas Bros.? And if this is the reason, how many people have lost their jobs, how many have lost a large sums of money, & how many lives have been affected by their selfishness & immaturity. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. But do not think so. I think they are so use to thinking about what they want, not caring how what they do affects others. Why was Nick always given his way. Kinda makes you think that Nick & his dad need the wrath of God brought onto them. Maybe I’m wrong.

    • Khahn

      I think there was a lot more to the breakup than was reported. Honestly I think Dani being pregnant was a bigger part I’m not in anyway complaining, but in married to Jonas you could see how she felt when he left and personally I don’t think Kevin wanted to leave his family anymore. Who would want to be on the road and miss all the “1st” with your first child! That is something a parent can NEVER get back. Personally I respect the fact that he will be close to home for his family, but there are some CRAZY fans out there that would criticize and blame Dani. She doesn’t have the personality to handle that critasism real well and the family is protecting her. I also believe there are other issues for the breakup that the family doesn’t want to come, dirty laundry that many have already suspected.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        i agree to the both of you, but what i have to say is that after being in a band of family for 7 years…it shouldn’t just automatically knock you on the head out of the blues the fact that they have individual creative differences before the tour launches in 2 days. family is sacred and private. nick said himself that he needed to share his heart with his brothers, his feelings, and told the guys that their had been some complexes down the road…

        …(without adressing them)…

        i think it’s none of our buisness what happens in their personal lives, but they said that they felt like they owed the fans for staying with them for so long that they deserve an explination and some gifted songs from the live tracks.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    some of the trailors to selena’s movies have been released for over 2 years now and stil no move…i’m just really afraid that we’re gonna face another broken promise.

  • carolas

    Could be that they were so use to Nick handling everything, they didn’t think about him growing into manhood. He had a good start building his own career & his own life w/o them in it. I think they expected him to continue doing the majority of the work, & once in awhile they would give 2cents worth. I think the pressures built after he fell in love with Olivia. The two bros. Could spend all their time with their woman & he had to be working so they could have a new start. There again, Nick give up your life so your bros. Can have another go off your BACK. They liked riding your back w/o putting equal effort into it. I bet they were paid equally, also. But, I think his dad enjoyed the ride, financially for sure. We know that they all have Nick to be thankful for their fame & fortune. Now let us all hope that he uses his head & builds his life for himself not others. Use the GIFTS that God gave him for the Glory of God and not the glory of man.
    I hope that what I see when Nick & Olivia look at each other I see their genuine love for each other. I really wish the best for Nick.
    Fans take a study of past pics/vids of all the boys. Watch their eyes, you will see hurt & sadness in them. Ask yourself why? Think about you growing up having friends, doing things w/friends. All they had were older people to be with. You have your freedom, but they didn’t. I just know that when I see the hurt/sadness in their eyes it makes me sad for them.