Joe Blanda & Gigi At Universal Studios

joe-blanda-gigi (35)Joe, Blanda & Gigi Hadid at Univeral Studios Hollywood.

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  • Cvb

    hey joe jonas you need to go to universal estudios in florida because they got harry potter

    • anon

      Speak fucking english.

      • Cvb

        sorry but you got mental problems and stop fucking bothering me ok?

      • Sun

        sweetie what is your problem? by the way your mind is pure of shit to think like that what you saying. you are mean and hater person people like you are alone trashy with bitter life unhappy sad life and misery i am so glad that i am not like that

    • laura

      that ride in universal studios is so fucking scary though! but the butter beer was really good ;)

      • Cvb

        yeah i know i love that ride of harry potter i wanna go again

  • anon
  • Michelleg3323

    Funny he’s with another girl and now they’re holding hands. Funny.

    • threelittlebirds

      that’s blanda…

    • Me

      How stupid are you?

    • Michelleg3323

      I meant they are with another girl and now they’re holding hands Joe and Blanda. They haven’t been in most pics lately.

      • GentileJewel

        You’re fine Dear!:)

      • KK

        thats blanda and joe jonas holding hands the other woman is gigi the tall one

    • Uio

      No joe jonas is holding hands with blanda because is his girlfriend

  • al

    Both girls are taller than Joe, I’d be insecure

    • anon

      No, Joe is taller than Blanda but she’s wearing heels. But Blanda is tallish for a girl (she’s taller than Olivia). Now Gigi she is tall she’s 5’10 and wearing at least 3 inch heels so she’s around 6″1.

      • fghjkl

        sorry blanda is taller than joe jonas because he is not that tall

    • JoeJonasTroops

      it’s not attractive for a girl to be as tall as hell, if i were that tall, i’ll forget the meaning of high heels…seriously gigi’s about to break!