Man Arrested At Selena Gomez’s House!

selena-gramPolice told TMZ the suspect has been arrested for trespassing. It’s not known if Selena was at home during the incident. Cops swarmed around Selena Gomez’ Calabasas home Friday morning after someone reported a suspicious person.

Aman jumped a fence onto her property but it appears he was not a burglar, more like a trespasser. A man was convicted in February after trespassing at her old house and he was sentenced to 120 days in jail.

On March 31, another man was arrested on Selena’s property while she was home. He rang the doorbell and asked the person who opened the door if Selena was home. New pix of Selena out and about in LA HERE!

  • anon
    Look at her fence? too low
    She should move to an apartment like Demi did

  • Oh no

    Oh no That’s so scary. At first I was like ‘Yay, she’s moving out ,good for her , she’s growing up, I’m excited for you’ BUt now….I don’t know….two trespassers and she’s barely even moved in? I’m worried.

  • anon

    ..and anyone could jump this gate

  • gethelpfast

    She should get an alarm and some bar wires. I may not like her but its sad and dangerous that she is get stalked.she needs to talk to a police officers and experience security guards about her safety and prevention measures.she should also take self defense classes. Or live in an apartment or condo.

  • js

    high all around fence with electric wires at the top will be helpful

  • js

    I think Spring Breakers made it worst for her. Besides stalkers always liked Disney girls.

  • Ali

    It says that one is the same who got aressted some days ago.,0,1731564.story
    He is a homeless man, I think the house was empty and he was living there

  • lol
  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    2 break ins in one week? Maybe she moved to soon

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She should move.