Cole Sprouse Toothpick Sexy

Cole SprouseCole Sprouse shares new exotic pictures via his twitter.

Not as fabulous as his bro Dylan Sprouse’s nudes, but still eye-catching.

  • Cici


  • Alii

    Mama likes.

  • Yes


  • uest

    Normally, I think OceanUp’s comments on some articles are atrocious, and insensitive, and stuff, but this had me rolling I was laughing so hard. If only his hair was shorter

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Im more of a dylan girl

    • anonymous

      congrats !LOL! like these pics posted to change your..feelings?or feeling slightly upset because he looks really attractive in these pics?LOL!

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        yes thats exactly why they were posted , lol.

        but seriously wtf , I never bashed Cole.He looks exactly like Dylan,chance’s are i’d find him attractive too (which I do )

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Well hello! ;) Dylan is still my fave.

    • mary

      thats why you make annoying comments a bout his hair which is not even that long,he a honor to look like Thor because he is a handsome man &cole sprouse is better looking than dylan sprouse &you just cant help it.

      • threelittlebirds

        She didn’t say anything about his hair.

        • mary

          i reffered to people,s attitude here&generally who bully him a bout his hair like its a big deal &come to his pics make annoying comments &state his twin is their favorite,you can have a favorite but respect your not favorite unless you are so competitive &immature 4 that.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        You can’t read apparently.

    • anna

      who cares?this coles sprouses pics &if you dont like him dont come here otherwise you prove yourself biased &mean because the guy is really good looking.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Shut up, you sound stupid because I never said he was ugly especially since Dylan IS HIS TWIN, idiot.

        • anna

          you answered to that idiot made fun of his hair & you 3 idiots came here not to say something positive a bout him but slightly underestimate him ,not that your opinion is matter .

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            And you also apparently can’t read. Thor is hot so if that’s making fun of Cole then no apologies. Your opinion doesn’t matter either, yet you continue to reply to me. This subject was done yesterday. Bye.

  • Stephany Lopez

    If Thor had a son this would be him xD or you know Cole would also be perfect for that L’Oreal commercial lol

    • Marina And My Diamonds


  • smiler101

    Is him Zac or Cody?! Sorry but I had never been good to recognize them… Still cute though, they both are really good looking guys:)

    • Zaina777

      This is Cole/Cody. They look different so you can tell the difference.

      • smiler101

        Thanks! well when I used to see them more often it was easier for me to recognize each but since they’re kind of gone I mess up the name a little bit… Of course they don’t look the same, I just can’t remember which one is who:)

  • DEMY

    LOL! to that site!exotic pictures?these are great classy pictures of cole but what do you mean exotic?fabulus dylans nudes? 1 pic with an old man underwear & 1 nude #no#big#deal# only a pervy/thirsty would find them fabulus & find them better than coles pics.

  • Pixita

    LOL at OU, exotic, did you mean erotic? Because they are erotic, not exotic. Seriously how old are the people running OU 14?