Selena Gomez Stalker Picture REVEALED

Snessa-selenaNew Selena candids HERE & HERE. + Vanessa Hudgens described Selena in 5 words. Officers arrived at the house of Selena Gomez in Calabasas, early on Friday after someone had reported a robbery. Source told TMZ that a man jumped the gate of her home, but it seems he was not a burglar but an attacker.

Che Cruz was the same who tried to break into the house of the singer on Sunday. Because the intruder who jumped the gate of his house on Saturday had just been sentenced and convicted for breaking into her house last week.

Che Cruz did not contest his charges on Wednesday for entering without authorization in the home of Selena. He was sentenced to 45 days in jail in Los Angeles and warned to stay away from Selena and her home for three years.

Two days later, due to overcrowding in the jail, he was released. And then went straight to the mansion of Selena in Calabasas, where he jumped the gate, causing someone called the police. Then he was arrested for trespassing.


  • Commonsense

    His facial expression looks so scary. Living alone is scary especially in her huge house. I hope she stays safe. So many psychos out there.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He look scary, I would be scared.

  • Danthetacoman

    Is that black guy the same black guy from the captain Phillips movie?

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Stop. They do look similar though lmfao

  • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Emma Stone

    Even if I had all the money she does I don’t think I could ever get a huge house and live alone in it because this is the sort of thing that would scare me. I’d rather have a little apartment or something.

    • Eva

      I heard a rumour that she will be living with Francia and Gwenysloco

  • thecat61

    What a creep.

  • kiii

    Change your name, girl! It is cursed D:

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Oh no , don’t bring the original Selena into this :(

  • ivan

    Wish the L.A. police was as diligent at protecting her as they were of Justin Bieber’s neighbor from a few eggs; this guy could have killed her.