• lol

    It wasn’t a “slam” in the first place. It was the truth.

  • L

    Did ariana get lips and nose done? I think her lips definitely! Like wow she looks so different and bad different blah :/

    • Laura

      Definitely nose and lips, apparently chin reduction too?? She was so gorgeous beforehand anyway :(


  • Cici

    With these two pictures, you can tell she has had some work…I think her nose looks good, but the lips are a little off :/

  • laura

    She always looks like she smoked pot. You know, her nostrils are open, her eyes look very sleepy and empty, her mouth is in this constant smirk. It’s either her face or she is high as fuck, who knows.

  • RiriNAVY

    Oh God can this irrelevant has been shut the fuck up already? He is so annoying thinks he’s the shit or something.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    her weave looks netty in the first picture. it was so tamed before when it was red in the second picture even though those were extensions too

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Drake got caught flip flopping, don’t lie now.

  • Name

    He wasn’t denying what he said in the interview that Oceanup posted a few days ago, he was denying that he said the things that were tweeted to him in this completely bogus article that didn’t even give, to a magazine that doesn’t even exist. They basically took what oceanup had posted then added the words ‘talentless fame whore’ and said that Drake was like “Yeah I’ve met her, did an episode of her show and events and stuff. Gotta tell ya she didn’t have it. If my bets were on anyone wouldn’t have her. ” made up shit like that. And since no one believed him when he tweeted it was a lie, he went overboard on the love stuff for damage control and to make a point.