Nick Jonas Smiles + High Waisted Pants

nick-jonas-sexy-smiling (233)2014 Michael Jordan Gala Red CarpetNicholas Jerry Jonas smiled with his teeth because Olivia Culpo makes him so happy while attending the 13th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational presented by ARIA Resort & Casino at Shadow Creek Golf Course. Photos: WENN.


  • getlikemiley

    OH NO. not a good look for him

  • Cici

    Top picture is so fucking sexy. Bottom picture is a trainwreck. No Nick. No.


      LOVE THAT HE’S SMILING WITH TEETH. he’s finally happy!

      • Cici

        Right?! He looks sooo cute with his big smile. Olivia has made his life complete <3

  • Anon

    He looks hot. He’s like a mini Chris Evans. <3

  • Fringues de séries
  • laura

    That outfit would’ve been so good if he paired it with jeans or beige pants and then some nice shoes. But nothing in this outfit matches, absolutely nothing.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Ugh. That outfit. Oy. I don’t mind the mix prints. But the dirty white converse-type slip on shoes? If you have large biseps you need to have the shirt tailored. Either have the sleaves taken out or purchase a shirt that fits your arms and have the body tailored. And the pants, it looks likes the hem as too long so he pulled them up as high as he can so they don’t drag. His junk must be suffocating. I won’t even start on the no belt thing. He usally looks good but this…

  • Michelleg3323

    He’s almost looking too buff. The pants with a different shirt or something would have been better. He looks good in the golf outfit at least.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    he’s so cute, he’s finally loooking older now

  • www

    Short bulky guys should never wear high-waisted pants. Then there is polka dots and stripes and sneakers. Who ever picks his fashion has no fashion sense at all. He needs to hire someone else.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He looks good in that top pic.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    that shirt is worth $190 U SD

  • carolas

    Does anyone know what he has on his right wrist? Is it some type of jewelry or something for his diabetes??