Harry Styles The Next Justin Timberlake?

Semi-Exclusive... Harry Styles Gets His Motorcycle Towed To A Bike Repair ShopA source told HEAT: “Harry prefers LA because he could be a real star over there. He wants a solo career like Justin Timberlake’s,” says an anonymous source.

“He’s already been writing for Kodaline and [The X Factor USA winners] Alex and Sierra, and recording solo demos. He wants to act, too, and he can’t get the real gig if he stays in a boy band that 12 year olds like. He loves 1D, but he feels it could limit his longevity. He asked Kendall [Jenner]: ‘How many boy bands do you know that keep going for more than five years?'”

The insider added: “Harry’s making connections – he’s not taken seriously in the US yet and he wants desperately to change that. He has the big picture in mind and his bandmates know it. It’s a matter of time before he goes solo.”

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    It’s a story about this same subject every month.

  • Anna

    This story isn’t true, it comes out every few weeks that some member of 1D is going solo and it is always false. Harry could be a solo artists, but he loves 1D and their fans(who aren’t all 12, I know plenty that are in their 20s).

  • anna

    he’ll go solo one day. even if it’s not one day soon. and i cant wait for that day.

  • Courtney

    don’t even compare him to Justin Timberlake.
    JT is amazeballs.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    can he act?

  • Justlaughoxo

    This is completely irrelevent! Harry said in This Is Us that being in 1D is all he ever wants to do! Get your facts straight! And we’re not 12 year olds! The fandoms age rates from 14 to early 20s you idiots, SNL had little 12 year olds on there because they don’t go into research some-what like you. And that ‘anonymous source’ is probably an intern that works for OU. -,-