Drug User Bieber Barred In Miami Clubs

Selena Gomez’s booty call and drug abuser Justin Bieber has been barred from nightclubs in Miami. Sources told TMZ: ‘Bieber’s people called asking to reserve tables at LIV, Story, and Adoré while the Biebs was in town, but the singer’s camp was denied at all 3 locations.

Bieber’s people begged and pleaded, promising to spend big money on bottles if the clubs granted Bieber entry, but the clubs didn’t budge. There were 2 reasons for refusing Bieber, first, he’s not 21 … second, the last time Bieber went big at a Miami nightclub he was arrested for DUI.

The DUI resulted in a ton of negative press for SET nightclub, where Bieber had been partying prior, and the guys at LIV, Story, and Adoré just didn’t think Bieber was worth the trouble. The clubs offered to let Bieber in if he agreed to perform a song, since performers don’t have to meet the 21+ age requirement, but Bieber turned them down.

No wonder Taylor Swift has ditched Selena, she is negative press now :\

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  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Lawd that title.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    “No wonder Taylor Swift has ditched Selena, she is negative press now :”

    I don’t believe their friendship was based off publicity.

    • anon
      • Marina And My Diamonds

        Awe that’s kind of sad.

    • krasny

      i feel like they still talk, maybe just talk on the phone, i know that in an interview taylor said they havent hung out in months but they still talked on the phone every day, im hoping this is one of those cases, they have been friends for so long i doubt she would just leave her while shes going through so much.

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        But they were in the same building at the awards (after party), no interaction took place when it could have. Makes me think they’re finished.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    I would think the fact that Justin was at a place would make it more popular.
    No one is not going to go to a club because justin is there lol,that would probably make them wanna go more.

    • idk

      Girls yes, boys no, they are biased against him. And boys are the ones that drops more money in clubs

      • Anna

        No I think boys would still go. Even if they don’t like him they’d still want that pic

    • ikeepempressedt

      Girl the last time he was there he got a DUI. Nobody cares who the fuck you are when you’re putting other people’s lives in danger.

      • Queen Amanda Bynes

        This is true for the management of the club. But the people coming would wanna see it. I could see people wanting to got to ‘that place where Justin got arrested’.

        People wanna see where celebrities died as twisted as that is, so this is hardly a stretch.

  • cassy

    that girl in the video is the same girl from the pics justin has liked on instagram lol… guess he found her haha.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Before and after getting back with Justin

  • Guest

    Well that’s good.

  • Anna

    Not to mention LIV nightclub is the nightclub with a lot of 17-20 year olds with fakes. At least that’s what I heard about it before.

  • good

    they shouldn’t have been letting him (or any celebs that are underage) in. the law is the law is the law. no one should be above it. unfortunately, that’s not the case… maybe these night clubs will think twice next time. (doubt it)

  • smiler101

    So finally they’re doing things right! Not for the law or so but still it’s an improvement! Hope this makes Justin understand that he should slow down a little bit…

  • D:
    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • JoeJonasTroops

    ofcourse i want selena and justin back together, but i don’t want taylor and selena to R.I.P