Ariana Grande Sideboob Lollipop Sucker

ariana grande sideboob
ariana grande lollipop
The ever sensual vocally gifted goddess and singer Ariana Grande blessed the earth and instagram with seductive pictures of her new sideboob tattoo whilst sucking on a lollipop. Her second album is to debut soon! She took to Twitter to explain her new seductiveness stating, “Been doing lots of experimental shoots lately for upcoming music, wanted to share some shots.. sorry for the late 60s timeline invasion haha”

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    She looks sexy!

  • a

    Sideboob? What boobs?

    • laura

      Oh please, stop the body shaming. Boobs are boobs even if they are small. Get over it and grow up.

      • Duh

        Seriously, stop being so sensitive. That “sideboob” as OU says, is hardly sideboob at all.

        • laura

          I’m not being sensitive, I am being a decent human being. People like you are the reason why so many young girls are embarrassed because of their bodies, why the age when women get plastic surgery get lower every single year. Us women need to support each other, not break each other down. Because of women like you we’ll never be treated equally..

          • Guest

            Thank you for saying this :) I have small boobs but they’re still boobs! And they still look great.

  • Bae

    What does her tattoo mean?

    • honesty

      Very Beautiful in Italian.

  • laura

    She looks great and I absolutely adore that dress.

  • MyOpinion

    She looks pretty but she’s trying sooooooo hard to be sexy and is not working

    • Caitlyn D

      works a little

  • Tash

    It’s sexy not whoreish. Not overly done or trying too hard to look seductive. Cute poses, still covered up. I like this. It’s natural sex appeal and beautiful.



    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    She’s just not sexy (to me) but so cute.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I knew she was going to take the sex route, it seems inevitable these days.

    • Caitlyn D

      shes been heading that way for awhile now

  • uiosa

    overrated strung out cocaine addicted baldy

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Scarlets

    What a boring photoshoot. Nothing in the photo says sexy…

  • smiler101

    She’s beautiful but it’s not a side boob to me, she looks really decent and cute, yet not sexy, it might be her little girl face though….

  • Jes

    I don’t know why but the side of her face reminds me of the Who people from the grinch

  • gfgdfgfdg