Demi ‘Writing A Smash W/ Nick Jonas’

demi-facialdemi-smashdemi-beastnemidemiAre YOU looking forward to Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas’ smash hit? Do YOU think it will be more successful than Joe’s new album? It’s so sad, seems like Kevin has officially retired from music!

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  • anon

    i wonder if nick saw demi’s nudes

    • They secret lovers

      He’s prob already seen her naked in person.they lowkey fucking I’m telling y’all. lol

      • anon

        i hope so she needs a new man in her life

  • threelittlebirds

    she’s so pretty.

  • laura

    She looks so amazingly gorgeous here! <3

  • anon

    of course it will be more successful than joe’s
    joe only lives for the applause

  • She’s gorg!

    I honestly think she’s prettier when she looks more natural and has less makeup.Shes gorgeous but her fashion is ehh she has a good body but doesn’t dress to flatter it tbh

  • Dara

    She looks so pretty in this pic. I think it’s the brown hair. It looks more natural

  • anonymous

    thirsty soccer mom wilmer’s hoe

  • soreloser

    She is mad at the dailybeast because they are telling the truth. Classy is not sharing your sex stories with the whole world… Deep down she
    is ashamed to be with him. She has been
    denying they are dating for years and it took
    her forever to be comfortable with him in public.

  • anon

    guys they are leaking nick’s nudes now

  • BrokenArrow18

    she aint classy either lmao

  • Smh

    Lol Demi’s hot She can do way better then wilmer. Lol I feel like she’s with him because she’s used to him has she even dated someone else in the past 4 years besides him? Lol she always turns them down for wilmer.but whatever that’s her more nudes to come! Pretty sure he’s the one leaking them.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Fresh faced. Pretty.

  • smiler101

    I.don’t know why but I have the feeling that I won’t enjoy that song… for me they just don’t get along in the music field!

  • FuckHarry

    Wow she looks so pretty and fresh faced I love it when her hair is a natural color it’s when she looks her best.

  • JoeJonasTroops

    it’s about time demi did something for herself with out help from anyone jonas but no

    • ilddl_

      she has done stuff without them, before… 3 albums(nick only helped with one song in HWGA), 3 tours in different legs and a bunch of other stuff. and it’s always just nick, anyway. she doesn’t NEED his help, but they get a long so well musically, so.

      • JoeJonasTroops

        what, did she get famous for being on barney or as the bell rings? please. no one watched camp rock for demi, the movie is crap anyways so it was only popular because the jonas brothers were in it. the jonas brothers produced her entire 1st album. nick wrote the songs catch me and stop the world. joe dated her for publicity, she got more popular for dating him, if he dated her for his oun sake of fame he would’ve dated someone more famous. joe guest stared on sonny with a chance, she opened up for nearly all their disney tours from 2008 to 2010. Nick came on stage with demi about twice for her 2012 tour. nick directed her neon lights tour and now just wrote a song with her, demi never wrote a song on her own without anyone’s help while nick has many times, i know you’re a lovatic, i am too or else i wouldn’t have all this information stored in my brain, but at least i dn’t deny it. The jobros made her relevant.

        • ilddl_

          lmaoooo, you are so ignorant about demi. she has written many songs by herself, catch me being one of them. nick didn’t touch that song so get your facts straight next time. she wrote that by herself in her bedroom and has said it many times. the credits also show that. are you sure you’re a fan? sonny with a chance got better views than jonas, lol. so demi didn’t need joe to guest star. her solo tour in 09 did perfectly fine without them, her second album sold perfectly fine without them and got way better reviews than the album they produced. disney movies always get good ratings so people would’ve watched the movie, anyway.. they didn’t know it was gonna be crap. nick was the one that got promo by coming on stage in 2012. he was already irrelevant then while demi was having success with give your heart a break and x factor. demi didn’t need nick’s help with the neon lights tour.. but she likes his ideas.. he’s not currently relevant. he made the news because of her.. she didn’t make news because of him helping her. demi was barely even known when she was in their shadow back in 08-2010. she became successful and way more known thanks to x factor and GYHAB. while they’re currently irrelevant and flopping. their comeback song flopped and their solo careers flopped. demi is doing pretty good by herself.. she doesn’t need them AT ALL. nick is the one getting benefited out of helping demi.. he’s making headlines and news because of HER. but she doesn’t need him.. she has written better songs by herself and with other way better song-writers.

          • JoeJonasTroops

            Remind me when she sings for the president at the White House with Jessie McCartney, or gets nominated for a Grammy and sings live with Stevie wonder, remind me that Demi is more relevant than the Jonas brothers when she sells out arenas of 35 thousand people FLOP

          • ilddl_

            lol, no. she said that about don’t forget.. she said it after they got done playing catch me and were moving on to don’t forget. demi has said a million times she wrote catch me by herself in her room. you really need to get your facts straight. demi has played for that many people in other countries in SA and does have a guiness world record but that is completely irrelevant so idk why it matters. point is, they’re flops now/irrelevant and demi isn’t. their year 08.. nobody cares about them anymore.

          • JoeJonasTroops

            well jonas brothers sold 20 million albums worldwide while demi sold only 8 millions, lol nt even half of them, merchandise for over 100,000 dollars…how much did demi? not even one direction got nominated for a grammy and the jonas brothers wrote ALL their songs, including ALL of demi’s first album, did ALL her promotion for her and she even appeared on their 3D movie, they sell out arenas and stadiums of millions of people, there were 40,000 people at the texas state fair, new years eve 2007 and 2008 was all about them in new york city time’s square THERE WAS 2 MILLION PEOPLE,they sang for the president and in the eiffle tower while demi didn’t so shut up please

          • ilddl_

            lol yeah, 4 years ago. they’re NOTHING now. they’re completely irrelevant. they went down faster than they went up. and you mean nick, right? he does most of the work. the other two just probably write like 2 sentences in each song. lol. joe’s solo album sucked lyrically and musically wise. he’s not so talented/can’t even sing right. and they CO-wrote 6 songs WITH her, get it right. Demi was nothing when she was with them. she got really noticed because of x factor.. she was barely known with their “promotion”. and hunny, that was new years eve.. not all of those 2 million ppl were there for them.. not even half, lol. yeah they USED to fill big arenas but don’t exaggerate. demi HAS sang for the obama family, tho. point is, the jonas are irrelevant NOW.. they’re over.. faded into obscurity. only nick is somewhat relevant because of his actual talent. he’s the only one getting somewhat good gigs. the only jonas that kinda matters now.. what they USED to be is irrelevant now. just a has-been disney boyband. idk why you remaining jonas fans are so bitter towards demi.. the girl did nothing bad to them. now, bye. i’m done with this convo that’s going nowhere. you can keep talking about what they used to be if you want, tho. i’m out. peace out.

          • JoeJonasTroops

            are you never gonna give this up? this is the last thing i’m gonna say, even though you think they’re irrelevent now, demi isn’t at least HALF as relevent as they used to be. they went up using a push from miley cyrus, they opened up for her ONCE and appeared on her show ONCE, straight away their album went NUMBER ONE, demi dosn’t have a number one album, from 2007-2010 they were a legend…demi who?

          • Seriously

            LOL SHUT UP, the Jonas Brothers are over and it’s about time people like you come to terms with that instead of putting down other peoples success!

          • JoeJonasTroops

            hi @illdle_
            even though the band broke up, they’re still known as individuals, and i’ll only stop putting demi down if she leaves nick jonas the fuck alone, lol stupid lovatics even made up a shipping name for them ‘nemi’ lol wtf?! it sounds like a foot fungus!

          • Seriously

            ‘If she leaves nick Jonas the fuck alone’? Lmfao how old are you? They can be friends with who ever the fuck they want, don’t be jealous because you’ll never be his friend. this wasn’t ilddl btw. And ignorant fucks like you, will never come far in life if you can’t be happy for others even if they’re not your fave person.

          • ilddl_

            and you’re never gonna give up about what they USED to be, right? except for the fact that “here we go again” debuted at number one on the billboard hot 200, so yes, she does have a #1 album. jonas are nothing now, so jonas who? demi leaving nick alone? lmaoooo girl he loves working with her. he’s always been up her ass, too. she’s not putting a gun in his head, making him work for her, lol. now, seriously.. BYE. i know what you’re gonna say next.. gonna keep going about what they used to be… in 3… 2 …1…

  • HolyGround

    Aww she looks so good

  • johnny

    She needs to switch labels, I’ll be damned if Selena get a new label before Demi. But then again she just signed with Katy Perry’s manager, so……