Jennette McCurdy DYES HAIR BROWN

jennette-mccurdy-brown-hairDo YOU like Jennette McCurdy’s brown hair? New song ‘I Forget’ unde!



    copied demi

    • bitch

      your mom copied demi

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Bar

    Looks super good on her!
    Most blondes look great brunette

  • Sweet Dee

    I just realized, she reminds me of Dee from Sunny in Philadelphia :3

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      yess i see this! i love dee <3

  • BrokenArrow18

    loveeeeeeee that color!

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    it suits her, her bangs disappeared

  • smiler101

    Nice! A little bit of change is always refreshing! But this most likely means that she won’t play Sam for a while…

    • A

      sam and cat got cancelled
      so no more sam

      im sorry if that was rude

      • smiler101

        I.didn’t knew! It’s ok, thanks for letting me know :) that’s great I guess that now they both can move on!

  • Cici

    Rebelling against your show I see

  • Dara

    That color looks good on her. I take it she’s not playing Sam anymore on her show?

  • al

    wow,she looks so much better.

  • parrot

    she wants to be taken seriously. cant do that with blonde hair and boobz