Lucy Hale GOODBYE GONE New Song

  • Ricardo

    Sad that HollywoodRecords is giving 2 fucks about her… They didn’t even send You Sound Good To Me to radio stations.. -.-” worst label.

    Now that Selena left they should at least promote Lucy.

  • Dara

    I love Lucy but her music is just ok. I kind of wish she would sing pop. I’ve heard her pop covers and they’re really good

  • Jared

    There’s nothing special about her voice. I’m truly not saying it to be mean, but her voice is just… “meh.” It’s not spectacular, and it’s not completely terrible. The lyrics to her songs are average as well. It’s like her record deal was like a spur of the moment thing where she was the breakout of Pretty Little Liars (which is an awful adaption from the books, which are really good..) and they thought a cute face and an okay voice from a semi-popular actress would sell. Kind of like when Vanessa Hudgens got her record deal: kinda cute girl, okay voice, and popularity from High School Musical, but it didn’t go anywhere. And I know she’s from the south, but it sounds like she’s forcing a country twang in her voice and it’s just clumsy and awkward to listen to. Her first single didn’t do well, so I’m pretty sure her music career is DOA. And once Pretty Little Liars is over, no one will really care of her as much. It’s a nice effort, but not good enough to keep me interested.

    • mccurdian

      yup. exactly what i thought.