Bieber Must Submit Written Deposition

justin-bieber-forgive-airplane-tattoo (5)Judge has just ordered 10 pages of questions to be answered by pop scrotum Justin Bieber in written form and submitted back to the court, reports Radar Online. The questions are in regard to an ongoing lawsuit against Bieber and his bodyguard, filed by a Miami Beach photographer.

Attorneys were displeased with how Bieber’s deposition went, so they’ve demanded he take the time to properly answer all the questions issued on paper. ‘Interrogatories To Defendant Justin Bieber’ questions include:

‘Please state the name, address and telephone number of all persons who have traveled with you for every trip you have taken during the past two years. For each said person, please specify the trip or trips said person traveled with you on.’

Many of the other questions refer to specific dates between June 3, 2013 and June 8, 2013, asking about who was with him at the Hit Factory recording studio at which the incident in question took place, who attended the Miami Heat basketball game with him, and who provided security protection for Bieber while he was in Miami.

‘Have you, or has anyone acting on your behalf, ever asked or directed anyone, including but not limited to security personnel, to prevent someone from taking your photograph, or to obtain the camera, film and/or digital film card from someone who was taking, or was attempting to take your photograph?” one of the questions asks.

If your answer to this question is affirmative, please state, as to each time this occurred.’ He won’t be able to get away with answering, ‘I don’t recall,’ like he did numerous times during his taped deposition.

  • Bloop

    I would never be able to remember every person I took a trip with in the last two years and I’m not famous!! Hopefully they’ve kept all his schedules and itineraries from the past 2 years so he can “recall” lol. I’m really interested to see what they ask selena in the other deposition and how she responds. She’s very well trained by Disney to avoid answering questions she doesn’t want to, so it’ll be interesting to see

  • anonymous

    i made a ‘i don’t recall’ meme released to public domain