Demi Lovato Dances At Gay Weho Club

demi-lovato-gay-clubdemi-cliponsclipdemi-gayMore pix of Demi’s hair HERE! Via @lovanas.


  • bridget

    She looks so good, and she seems like she had a great time judging by the videos that some of the guys posted. She hasn’t really been out to a club since she got sober in 2012 because she didn’t trust her self in that environment, so good for her that she feels a bit more comfortable now. A girl that was there was creeping trying to see if Demi was drinking, but there apparently was no alcohol at her table, and she only stayed for like half an hour.

  • Tash

    He’s gorgeous. I pray he’s just a performer & not gay. All the cute ones are gay =,(

    • K

      There is no such thing as a straight performer in a gay club.

      • Tash

        You get straight people that do gay porn due to it paying more. So I kinda figured it could be the same concept. HaHa.

  • FuckHarry

    That’s cool that she could go clubbing sober I hate when I go with friends and they must drink just to have fun it’s annoying.

  • Hayden


  • BrokenArrow18

    whats her obsession with colorful hair

  • aly

    Nooo, she’s coming to my country soon and I wanted to see her with colorful hair LOL, after all it’s the neon lights tour!

    • Dara

      Don’t worry, I’m sure she’ll color her hair again soon enough lol

  • Dara

    She loves having colored hair doesn’t she?

  • Some Dude