Demi Lovato GAY Performance May 31

demi-wilmer-nude-pix (2)demi-lovato-gay

  • Bae

    Love this. She looks gorgeous

    • Tom

      Isn’t it photoshopped that’s what I got told?

      • honesty


  • Gabby

    She is gay so makes sense..

  • Zaina777

    Demi is actually really pretty.

  • Jerry

    She’s not pretty she wears loads of make up. Fake eye lashes.. Fake tan.. Lip stick.. Mascara.. Eyeliner.. And most of her pictures are ALL photoshopped or made to look better than they actually are..

  • Peri

    I wish she would stop dying her hair it looks disgusting.

  • Zody


    • Geeni

      Don’t be sad you can’t look as perfect as her ;)

  • FuckHarry

    Damn I must go omg.