Miley Records Fight At Bangerz Detroit

LMFAO! + Detroit Meet & Greets!

  • Commonsense

    I feel like she should’ve stopped it instead of recording it… Miley has a lot of power over this generation she needs to understand that. Just my thought..

    • Zaina777

      I agree…she’s like singing while recording. She should have been mad if anything as opposed to enabling it.

      • Commonsense

        Wats going on with this girl..

    • noriwest

      110% agree.

      i hate miley now

      • thecat61

        Like she really fucking cares.

        • Alii

          May I remind you, she once performed a beautiful song called Forgiveness and Love that she helped write. There WAS a time when she didn’t only care about herself.

    • TrueSmiler


      But, is simple, today Miley don’t care about her fans.

      Today we, Smilers, are just NUMBERS for her, many times as MONEY.

      Just the truth.


      • Cecilia Jailer

        she never cared about her fans in the first place. no artist does.

    • thecat61

      Seriously! That’s why you have security. Oh by the way, the girls were kicked out.

  • Lol

    Lol. She was like ‘oh shit, what am I missing?!’ *starts recording*

  • FuckHarry

    Omfg only Miley would.

  • laura

    wtf is that girl wearing though?

  • Emma Stone

    It’s kind of annoying that she went to record it…’s like she’s encouraging that sort of behavior among her fans.

  • ugh

    I will never understand why this girl has fans. She literally has the power to reach millions of fans and she does nothing productive with it. I’m so sick of ignorant selfish people becoming famous.

  • honesty

    Most people get mad and stop their concerts yet here she is encouraging it. She is just out of this world in the most negative way.

    • smiler101

      She wasn’t encouraging anything, she was ignoring the fight and the video it’s not a prove of how irresponsible she is unless you’re able to hear her screaming “fight!”, “Harder!” Or something like that…

  • BrokenArrow18


  • BrokenArrow18

    I’ll never understand why people feel the need to have celebs to tell them what’s right or wrong lmao

    • thescientist

      I know, right! It’s so stupid!!!! People aren’t self-conscious, they are just like robots that do everything these “role models” celebrities do. They dictate what’s right or whats wrong and they just go along with it. So pathetic.

      • BrokenArrow18

        lol if people are waiting for celebs to tell them what to do t hen they’re the reason why the generation is fucked up not Miley.

    • Alii

      I don’t think people feel the need to be told what’s right or wrong by celebrities necessarily, but these people idolize her and are incredibly
      influenced by her. Especially the younger crowd who don’t know any better.

      • getlikemiley

        I sure as hell would not sit back and live my life to please others and she doesn’t. If they’re so young to where they don’t know right from wrong then they shouldn’t be following her or going to her concerts.

      • BrokenArrow18

        People are expecting her to live her life thinking about others and that’s fucked up look at selena now she’s always been a controlled robot now the poor girl is just feeling free to do all the shit she wanted to do.

  • michelle

    I love miley, she’s so cute.

  • Hannah

    You people dont even actually know the full story. I was there and she was performing her song like usual and two girls just started fighting behind her probably trying to get in the selfie she was taking. The security split them up before she could do anything, thats why you dont even see them in the video.

    • getlikemiley

      It’s so funny how people try dragging her down saying she was encouraging it off a damn 6 second video. Thanks for clearning it up.

      • thecat61

        That’s because people are ignorant. Do they really think if Miley would have said “girls stop fighting” they would have? This is why you have security and employees at the venue stationed at every section. That is THEIR job not Miley’s.

        • getlikemiley

          People find any way to say how bad of a person miley is and i’m sorry, but their bullshit low blows aren’t working.

          • thecat61

            Damn straight. They probably blame the worlds problems on Miley.

          • getlikemiley

            Right? People on here annoy me so much. One day they love her and act like her biggest fan and the next their bashing her and try saying people are encouraged by what she does and she shouldn’t do the stuff she does. Like damn people do have a mind of their own and make their own choices. I’m not trying to say the stuff she does is right because i’ll be the first to say when she fucks up, but damn she lives for herself and that’s why i love her.

          • thecat61

            You got it. She’s not gonna have anyone telling her what or what not to do. Those days are long gone.

  • smiler101

    So now she was supposed to jump from the stage to get in the middle of the fight?! Sure, people need someone to tell them what to Do!

    • Sam

      Do you even read English properly? NO ONE is saying she was suppose to jump into the crowd and stop the fight…. She should just have enough respect for her fans to say “hey stop that” or just simply not take a video of it…. By taking a video of it the girls are being encouraged to continue.

      • smiler101

        Of course I can read “properly” English, that’s why I’m able to read the “article” and comment with my opinion and if you don’t know there’s a thing called sarcasm… So let me explain you the whole situation as it is. Those two girl are old enough to know where they are and to be aware that a fight in the middle of a concert is in no way something reasonable to do so miley calling them up it’s not the solution for them to behave right.
        By ignoring them she showed that a fight it’s not a good way of getting her attention so now people won’t get into a fight just to be noticed on a concert. Are we clear now?

  • Godney


  • getlikemiley

    She is not going to go up and kick them out herself you dumbasses. She has security for a reason. I would of laughed my ass off too. She can’t control what people do and you can tell that it wasn’t too serious to where someone was needing to go to the hospital and if you haven’t noticed miley likes shit to get crazy so stop your bitchin.