Unfit Dog Parent Miley Unloads Moonie

miley-assmiley-mooniemiley-finallyMiley finally admits that she is an unfit dog parent!


  • anna

    miley is an unfit dog owner. dogs are like babies. they require a lot of time and work and tend to become attached to one person, so her having multiple people take care of it isn’t the best for the dog. not to mention, the big dogs she has require A LOT of exercise. HOWEVER…..her being an owner to these dogs, although she may not be the best owner or most perfect person to own a dog, is 100x better than these dogs being put to sleep or stuck in a shelter all day with no love.

  • Rah

    Dogs are like children, a 21 year old doesn’t need more than one, especially if she’s touring and all over the place. It’s just irresponsible, I know she’s rich and can afford to care for them, but they’re her dogs and her responsibility.

    • smiler101

      So now you can tell people how many dogs they can have? You might not have space or time for more than one dog but she does and as long as shes willing to love them that’s the only thing that truly matters!

  • Rocky

    Miley is NOT an unfit pet owner, when she is with her pets they are taken care of. Lila and Floyd passing away happened in situations she was not in control of. Also, she didn’t admit anything, she said she wasn’t ready for another dog because she is still upset over Floyd.

    • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP

      she’s an emotional trainwreck

    • raina

      No, she’s not an unfit pet owner by giving Moonie away. This is probably the best thing. And Mitchell Musso’s mom Kathy posted yesterday that Miley flew her first class to Detroit to pickup Moonie and since she already has another little dog Molly that should be good. And Miley can check in on him I guess since she still knows Kathy who now lives back in Texas. Not sure where Mitchell lives these days, he was at her Dallas and Houston shows since Miley posted photos of them together there.

  • http://oceanup.com OCEANUP


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Ew at that top pic.

  • smiler101

    This is ridiculous! She is just being an adult and accepting that a new dog won’t replace the one she lost! For your information that’s being a good caring parent!

    • thecat61

      Agree. People are so fucking stupid.

      • smiler101

        Exactly! They were bashing her for getting the dog too soon and now they’re bashing her for returning the dog because she felt it was too soon! like there’s no way to win with these people…

        • thecat61

          She’s not returning the dog. Moonie is going to a good home.

          • lexi

            To Mitchell Musso’s mom Kathy’s house in Texas since she has a little dog named Molly.

          • thecat61

            That’s pretty cool!!!

  • Maryam bitchezzzzzz

    Whites and their dogs