Miley Admits Pregnancy, Abortion?




  • justbeinghonest

    Miley stopped smoking MONTHS ago!! As as for her being pregnant that just NOT TRUE!! !! I’d rather talk about Selena’s SMOKING, ALCOHOLISM, and SEXUAL DISEASES SHE GOT FROM BIEBER instead from all the chicks he screws!!!!

    • Alii

      Pot smokers have the worst cough. I’d know.

      • BiteMe<3

        obviously false… cigarettes are way more harmful to lungs than weed. I’d know. not to mention i used to smoke cigs and currently chuff at least a set a day of green.

        • thecat61

          I know someone who smokes weed on a daily basis and he has no cough.

        • Alii

          Obviously cigarettes are more harmful. They kill people. If you plan on inhaling anything that isn’t oxygen, you’re going to cough.

  • Hollyhysteria

    I’m so over her and her smoker’s cough

  • captainamerica

    I am questioning are people really that dumb to believe this shit.

    • thecat61

      Yes they are.

  • KeepOutOfOthers’Business

    Ughhh so over this rant now -_- Soooo over of all these disney real prince and princesses turned A-class whores now. t(-.-t) Take That! Can’t stop loving them tho >.<

  • getlikemiley

    lmao i like how the magazine uses a picture of her crying because Floyd died and i am over her complaining every damn day that she is sick i swear

  • smiler101

    I actually think she’s mocking of the “article” on the magazine, like do I look pregnant!? Come on… And also she’s sick so what we all get sick and talk about it because that’s what people do… So unless you’re her doctor there’s no prove that smoking is the reason of the cough… To me singing live every night must damaged your throat.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    This mag is full of BS. The paps prob took that photo around when her dog (Floid, Lloyd? Something like that) died and there twisting things

    • thecat61

      This picture was taken when she was in New York when she performed at the Barclays center. I think it was a few days after Floyd died.

      • sue

        i’m so mad at them for doing that its cruel its just like tabloids did with taylor swift a year ago putting up pics of her crying after performing a song about CANCER.. but they title it w/shit like ‘taylor is hollywood’s joke’ ‘harry styles broke up with taylor’ so fucking heartless, this is crossing the line

        • thecat61

          Exactly. Just remember, tabloids are cruel and the biggest bullies. They are the lowest of the low!!!

  • Cecilia Jailer

    gosh she was being sarcastic u dumbasses

  • thecat61

    Um excuse me but when did Miley admit this?

  • cam

    Question, I seem to remember reading several yrs. Ago that when she was dating Nick Jonas she supposedly was pregnant & had an abortion. Anyone ever read something like that?? Just wondering..

    • thecat61

      I remember. And I also remember when she was pregnant with Liam’s baby and that was her way of trapping Liam. Oh yeah and don’t forget how she was pregnant with Juicy J’s baby.

      These tabloids really need to give it a rest with this pregnancy shit.