mandy-selenaJustin Bieber is slowly ruining Selena Gomez. Mandy Teefey claims she had no warning that Selena was firing until TMZ broke the story. Mandy said that she though last month’s conversation was just talk and she’s having a hard time processing the fact that she’s no longer Selena’s manager.

Selena’s mom and stepdad had managed her since her big break at Disney, but Selena told them she’d outgrown them and wanted bigger management. Mandy says she respects her daughter’s decisions and plans to continue producing several movie projects with Selena, including the upcoming ‘The Sky Is Everywhere.’


  • Guest

    [Blind Gossip] We already told you that this girl’s life was in turmoil. Well, here’s another twist you didn’t see coming!

    Our Girl used to hang out with a Talented Performer who was a little bit older and very ambitious. Now she’s suddenly hanging out with Younger Girls who have no talent. Why the switch? Well, it’s not accidental. It’s because the Younger Girls’ Manager is giving our Girl the full-court press to represent her!

    Manager found out a month ago that the Girl was considering leaving her current management team and was immediately in her ear about how she would be the perfect replacement. She invited the Girl over to her house, talked to her for hours, and set her up with two of her current clients for outings to let our Girl see what it would be like to be part of her flock. Of course, all three are now suddenly seen absolutely everywhere together!

    Girl is loving all the publicity she is getting on every outing… and the potential Manager is on the phone with her every day, reinforcing over and over and over again how she is the perfect choice to manage the Girl’s career and her money.

    We’ll see very soon if her evil plan works.


    Talented Performer:

    Younger Girls:

    Potential Manager:

    • BangBang

      I thought someone said here that Selena will be represented by the same management team as Katy Perry? I mean the whole Kris Jenner managing her makes a lot of sense but it’s blind gossip we’re talking about haha!

      • A

        I saw someone comment about that to, but I also found it weird that the Jenner sisters suddenly started handing out with Selena out of no where.

        • BangBang


        • Ricardo

          I don’t thing they’re hanging out of no where.. they’re part of the #secretproject

    • timbo slice

      bs lmfao

    • Zaina777

      Why the fuck would anyone go with Kris Jenner as a manager? I mean Kim turned out so well,right?

      • A

        But Kim is famous and making millions and I am guessing that’s what Selena wants.

        • Zaina777

          Yeah, but no matter what Kim does she’s always gonna be the girl who fucked Ray J doggy style.

    • smiler101

      Does the jenners have a manager?! Wasn’t Kris? I’m so confused right now…

    • hmmm
  • X

    Are 12 year olds running this site?
    OceanUp,stop blaming Bieber for the shit and failures of your Goddess Selena.
    She’s older then him and makes her own decisions, if she was so mature and too good for him or better then him like everyone claims here she wouldn’t do same or worse then him. People at Coachella said she passed out how drunk she was and was embarrassing. She just went out of rehab and that’s what she’s doing? Classy. She is fucking up HERSELF and ruining her own life. Accept it she’s probably mad at the fact she’s irrelevant when not connected to others and her whole career is flop in general so she’s doing everything to stay relevant and doing everything (drugs,alcohol) to escape from that ugly reality. Bieber isn’t a devil who forces her people, they barely even hang out. They met up three times in 4 months, wow such a stable relationship right? Justin Bieber actually seems like he’s calming down, he’s stayed out of trouble by far and has been very low key in order to put his shit together. He still never went to rehab, maybe it was never that serious with him he just needed to talk to himself and grow up! Which Selena can’t do or what? Now she’s the one who’s actually bad for him. I’ve noticed her unstable jealousy and personality and also she contradicts herself many times. She’s obviously hiding more then her fans will ever admit to themselves.
    Maybe she got complex from everyone around her being more successful and relevant or talented in general and she can’t take it? Who knows. But that’s all on her. Not Bieber. Stop being dumb please.

  • Xyz

    There’s always drama with Selena. That’s all what people talk about & read about. I don’t think managers are seeing such a huge opportunity in her to attack her with offers or whatever. But hey let’s hope she makes the best decision..

    • Zaina777

      Kris Jenner shouldn’t even be managing anybody to be honest.

    • pacmakaveli

      Drama & rumors = PR, in her case good or bad is still PR and keeps her talked about. The fact she’s so low and hangs out with them all (Kendall and Kyle) proves she’s becoming pathetic.
      Big celebrities like Beyonce do their best to say away from those families and their mess yet she’s like proud of it?

      • Zaina777

        Beyonce was chillin with Kim too not that long ago. The only kardashian that I actually like is Kourtney and of the Jenner girls probably Kendall.

        • threelittlebirds

          Koutney is my fav. She’s the only that seems the most rational.

    • Cantxbxtamed

      Yea I agree, this could end badly for her press wise. She needs to stick with Katy’s manager… NOT kris Jenner or scooter Braun. And she needs to either a.) stick with music and release a stars dance reloaded w new radio hits or just start a new album altogether… Or b.) get a part in a REALLY good movie with good costars even if she’s not the star she has to start proving she can act. Like she needs her “mean girls” or something to prove she can either be a comedic actress or dramatic. I see her career going like Hilary Duffs… Stopping after her 4th album doing a few indies then dieing out.

      • Guest1

        Well she’s apparently gonna be working on “The Sky is Everywhere” and there is still “Thirteen Reasons Why.” The girl needs to get back out there instead of chillin.

  • anon

    “Mandy said that she though last month’s conversation was just talk”
    So there was a warning, sorry Mandy!

    Since when blind gossip is that reliable? I know they are right sometimes, but give me a break! I don’t doubt Selena and the Jenners have something settled up, but doubt it is about Kris being her manager.

    • smiler101

      It’s her mother for god sake! It’s not like I don’t want to be with you anymore more, that’s it… She should cared more about doing things step by step and making everything clear.

  • anna

    good, now she can actual get some good work now that shell have managers who are professional.

    • anna


  • javi g

    thats the best adult decision selena has made. yes its your parents but selena has to think of her movie career. i do hope she stop making teen movies. also the singing. hollywood record its crapy when it come to promote there singers. also i doubt that kriss jenner is going to manage selena’s career. even if she’s the one who made kim famous by selling the sex tape.

    • te

      yes, it is her parents and she needs to be loyal to them if she wanted to find someone else, she should have co work with her mother not completely fired her when she has a baby to cared for and no income Her mother gave up her career and her dreams for her and that how selena pays her? ungreateful and a famewhore. A good daughther don’t do that to her parents and her step father ccan keep been her body guard why did she fired him? she seems selfish and self centered, and ungreatful. The only people who will never screw you are your parents other don’t care about you, they only want money once you stop producing they will kick you to the curve, and selena is not very talented, she better at acting in comedy because in drama she suck and her baby face will not let her do adult papers, Her body and baby face are way too babysish. selena always been drama ever since she came to Disney all she causes are storms everywhere.

      • smiler101


  • anonymous

    selena, who is your mom?

    • Zaina777

      Mandy Teefey, bitch. :)

      • tr

        selena? don’t be ungrateful

        • Zaina777

          I’m not Selena…and i’m sure she’s very grateful to her parents.

  • GirlFromYourDreams

    Everyone who has successfuly gone from teen to adult star has dropped their parent(s) as manager: Beyonce, Michael Jackson. Brittany Spears, etc. Her parents shouldn’t take it so hard.

    • anonymous
    • tr

      well, miley mother still works for her as you can see, miley mother travels with her and her mom brings her sister because she still works for miley, so not everyone drops their parents some are greatful, miley got new management in record company to produce her song and music but she made sure her mom was included as everyone can see, her mom travels with her! so no miley didn’t drop her mom! who the better daughther? miley knows family is first something selena don’t know.

      • smiler101

        Love you now! You’re so right!

      • hmmm

        Well, Selena didn’t dropped her mom completely too. She is still working with 13RW and Sky is Everywhere. And I remember when Miley fired her mom as manager that leak blog of hers said there was a big fight between both, Tish was no happy too.

        • taytay

          Miley didn’t fired her mom since you see her mom everywhere with miley. So miley did not fired her mom. the only reason selena mom is still in 13RW and Sky is Everywhere are old project and there is a contract. So don’t compare miley with selena. we see miley helping her friends getting famous the Jonas, she gave taylor an opportunity in her movie when she weren’t even famous, she help selena and they all backstabbed her, even bieber she plug and kateperry when katy was a nobody and was staring out, miley was the one who took photos with her and talk about her giving her a plug. what does selena do take, steal people fame, uses them and drop them when they are no used to her and you have seen for months, I mean really selena fans, miley and nick were right selena is a storm everywhere she goes there is problem she causes, we need to listen to the people who knows her better, not the fake act she try to potray and is falling rapidly, she showing her true color, now that her parents and not covering her bad behavior a lot of it has pop up, it means her parents were doing a good job and hiding all , sthose mad habits she have!!! so don’t you DARE compare her to miley that her only sin was trusting this brat with her friend and boyfriend, now all of them are noticing they bet it on the wrong girl selena, there should had been faithful to miley. God knows miley is a good girl that why she more famous than selena and good things come to miley, no matter how much crap selena try to talk about her with everyone, because selena is envious of miley. am still laughting about selena class speech, now that mommy and daddy and not covering her shit class is no where!!! she is classless… hypocrite.

          • hmmm

            Tish was her manager, she fired her just before So Undercover being released and refused to do more movies. That’s a fact

  • smiler101

    Yes, she needs a new direction but your parents always are there for you and it’s OK if she wanted a new manager but at least she should explain everything to her parents and not just throw them away like they were useless… I think the way she’s doing things right now it’s not going to work because there’s not a safe path for her to follow…

  • Guest

    Selena is ruining her own got damn self.

  • Claudia

    Selena is the best. Miley is a whore. Justin is a druggie.

    • Zaina777

      Are you that annoying bitch Claudia who is like obsessed with Selena that always compared her to Miley?

      • BrokenArrow18

        Claudia disappeared when her cat fish twitter twin got caught.

      • threelittlebirds

        Omg, I remember her. She was fun to argue with.

    • tot

      honey either you are blind but selena is the one doing extremely bad not miley, miley is working, selena is just working on her famewhoring.

      • Claudia

        No…Miley is whoring herself out for fame.. Selena didn’t need to do that to get Nick, Justin or Taylor heck she could even get Liam if she wanted too.

        • jiohi

          Sorry, but Selena hung out with Nick, Taylor and Justin for to milk her for publicity, and that is famewhoring. Miley doesn’t need to use people to be successful, since she has loads of talent ;) bye bitch

          • Claudia

            No, Miley is a whore. Selena is pure beauty in human form.

          • thecat61

            Shut your fucking pie hole, bitch!!!

      • Xyz

        Lol…but seriously Selena canceled half of her tour for this ? Partying and doing nothing but creating drama ? Oh well..

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Her getting’ the sky is everywhere ‘ happened in 2012 and she was older than the character then.

    If that and 13 reasons why gets made I’m pretty sure she’s getting recast.

    She keeps getting picked to be in movies for my favorite books

  • Dina

    um this is about selena guys, nothing to do with kim k’s family at all, please talk about them somewhere else gosh!