Taylor Swift Shopping In NYCTaylor Swift has an in depth list of rules when dating new men now. Insider revealed: ‘She wants someone on her level when it comes to their career. Plus, they have to be hot, like leading man hot. And she would love a guy that can speak at least two languages.

She wants a guy that has at least one sister. Because she thinks it will make him a better boyfriend. He has to have a good relationship with his parents, especially his mom, but he can’t be a mama’s boy.’


  • kat

    That sounds like the perfect guy! Its good to have standards and want someone whom you respect and can relate to. The whole point of dating is to learn what you like and want in a relationship. She’s only 24, there are a bunch of girls in Hollywood and around the world dating casually and not in constant long term relationships. Its sad that people try to paint her like she’s crazy. A bunch of guys goes after her and she doesn’t give them the time of day. Yet, people still try to paint her as some tail chasing girl. She’s one of the most independent and strongest girl in the industry.

    • anna

      if these are her standards…shes crazy. and an idiot. having a sister has NO correlation with being a better boyfriend.

      • :)

        No in my country it does actually, it means he will treat you better because he has a sister so if he was a good man he would ask himself always before doing something ‘Would I want a man to do this to my sister?’ and if the answer is no he would no it’s wrong to treat a woman like that. At least those are the views from where I come from.

        • Anon

          No they just get protective over their sister and don’t care about other girls.

        • anna

          that doesn’t mean there is a correlation. wheres the research? wheres the statistics?

  • Hollyhysteria

    This sounds like a giant crock of shit.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Sounds kinda like harry styles in my opinion except for the whole talking atleast two languages thing.

  • Ricardo

    That’s why her boyfriends always fail.

    • K

      Which is totally ok, that’s the point of dating, finding the right one.

  • Xyz

    Those only exist in fairytales Taylor…I blame movies like notebook for her high expectations of relationships. And my own as well lol

  • rose.garden

    Lmao “but he can’t be a mamas’a boy”

  • Pamela Lansbury

    It’s good to have standards, Tay-Tay, but not too much high… I think that she fails with everyone because of this. She’s looking for perfection and then she’s left disappointed…

  • Zaina777

    Why does he have to be leading man hot? Shallow much?

    • zaina no its tabloid trash

      u really believin this i thought you were smarter smh

      • Zaina777

        You’re an imbecile. I’m clearly smarter than you.

        • lmfao

          lmao yea totally, smarter than me by believing the tabloids. u go claps 4 u

          • Zaina777

            Yeah, I am clearly smarter than you. I also don’t need your applause thank you very much.

  • Guest

    Never sattle for anything but the best :)

  • AlarTruve

    Hollywood Life and their fictions. Lmao.

  • Andie Young

    She should be in “Forever Alone” Club.