• anonymous

    • Zaina777

      I love this guys parodies this video though makes me laugh so much.

      Justin:”I was detrimental to my own career”
      Lawyer:”Oh my fucking god, Justin”

      • Dara

        Hey that’s Bart Baker! I met him at a party once. Nice dude

        • Zaina777

          Yeah, I know who the guy is. Bart Baker’s parodies are so on point regarding how accurately the scenes are identical to the original artist or celebrities video.

  • kat

    Umm… Technically speaking they weren’t. They’re jenners not kardashians.

    And the girl most likely had Kim on her mind when she said that.

    • Andie Young

      We just can’t make the difference between kardashian and jenner.

  • Zaina777

    They aren’t Kardashian’s though they’re Jenner’s and Jenner’s alone.

  • laura

    Girl’s got to watch her mouth, so immature to call other women sluts just because she doesn’t agree with their behaviour.. Very very sad if you ask me.

    • aaa

      she was most likely referencing kim and her sex tape. chill out

      • anon

        she can’t call all her sisters whores just because kim is

    • Sara

      How should she watch her mouth? tbh everyone thinks that about them lol

      • laura

        I don’t even like the Kardashians but calling women whores is the lowest you can go.

        • anonymous

          i don’t understand your position. all i can remember that you’ve said is ‘it’s their choice’ but that doesn’t convince me

  • Andie Young

    it’s their middle name…

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