Selena Gomez Adidas NEO Summer

selena-adidas-neo-summer (99)New promos for Selena Gomez’s Adidas NEO Summer campaign.

  • Ricardo

    She looks gorgeous

  • anon

    Cute! But her eyes still looks sad.

  • Zaina777

    Selena is so pretty. I think that she should do more adult things now as opposed to trying to appeal to the youth demographic especially given how old she is now.

    • toolate

      She has a three years contract with Adidas Neo, signed mid-2013, so she is locked on it til mid-2016.

      • Zaina777

        Oh, well by that time she will be twenty-four going on twenty-five so one would see that as an opening for her to completely go on to do what most adults her age are doing and more mature things in general.

      • Tash

        Yeah, but this seems like a nice project. Clothes are cute & chilled & appeal to a wide range of people. I don’t think the age matters or it’s a reflection of maturity.

  • Tash

    The outfits are cute. What exactly are they selling?? The clothes & shoes? In my county, we only get Adidas sports wear & takkies(sneakers to you guys). Oh, and Justin should dress how he dresses in the Adidas adds. I think that’s the best clothes he’s ever worn, it fits decently & makes him look good.

  • pacmakaveli

    She’s beautiful here. But I find her body so undeveloped and awkward for her age. Like all my friends who are around 20 as well are like me, except I work out a lot and my curves are mostly muscles. Most of us have bigger breasts and simply more “womanly” body. I had her body when I was 15… I’m not hating just saying. Her stomach seems sometimes to get too chubby so it’s even worse but then her legs are skinny and her arms, small breasts and just awkward body in general. It’s strange especially since she’s like latina ? I know not all Latin women are like Salma Hayek but most of them do have their specific curves and stuff.
    Idk, she’s a cute girl but average to me.
    I always found Salma Hayek and Catherine Zeta Jones the most beautiful and exotic women and Angelina Jolie as well & Halle Berry.

    • heyhello

      There is no typical “latina” body or “womanly” body. Some women have big boobs and big butts, some have one or the other, some have neither. Society has created a standard of beauty that says all women need to be thin, have large breasts, ect. Unfortunately we aren’t all blessed with awesome genetics which is why plastic surgeons are so rich. Not attacking you btw just putting in my two cents :)

  • boystan

    latina queen

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    This is why ADIDAS has terrible sales and market share compared to the superior NIKE.