Sky ‘Miley Rises Above Expectations’

miley-kissing-sky (2)Sky Ferreira Buzzfeed interview: [Miley and I] met at the end of last year. We just clicked right away. Our personalities get along really well. We have the same sense of humor; mine’s a little more twisted, I guess. We just turn into 13-year-old boys when we talk.

Suddenly, we go from being like, young women, to being very immature, walking around with fake teeth all night. People are like, ‘What’s wrong with you guys?’ Miley is a girly girl, but she also isn’t. She likes putting on makeup, she likes sexy clothes and stuff, but she’s pretty down.

This term is so stupid, but she’s down to earth. That’s why I like hanging out with her, cause it’s not about spending eight hours getting ourselves together. I love girls, and I wish I had more friends that were girls, and I think that’s kind of a thing with her too.

Our energy just clicks, I don’t know. It’s not competitive or weird. Competition is good, to feel competitive is good, but not to the point where you fuck people over or you’re mean. We’re both very supportive of each other.

I think this is the most fun I’ve had on tour. It’s a different type of crowd, with Miley Cyrus, it’s way poppier and the energy is kind of insane in the room. There’s 30,000 people screaming at all times. Like, from when they walk into the arena. It’s a lot of teenage girls. It’s really fun cause they’re so excited to be there. They’re peaking in life.

It’s so crazy, you just see these girls crying and screaming. Miley has such good stage presence and just knows how to connect with all of them. People feel like they know her. [Miley and I] are very different in that sense. When I meet people, they don’t really know me right away. But when she talks for like, one second, people can automatically feel like her best friend.

When I play, it’s exposing [the audience] to something different. But I feel like they relate to my music lyrically. Teenage girls don’t just listen to like, fist-pumping party music, or whatever people think teenage girls listen to. That’s why Lorde had this biggest song this year.

[Miley] asked me to go on tour with her in November. It wasn’t just because we’re friends, it was because she liked my album and listens to it, which is cool. It wasn’t like an agent set it up. I’m sure if it was up to someone like that, they would want something like Zedd to open. That would sell tickets. She could have had anyone open! I’m not gonna sell tickets for Miley Cyrus, you know?

Then she asked me, ‘What do you think of Icona Pop [the tour’s other opening act]?’ I was like, ‘Yeah, cool.’ Those girls like to party. Everyone thinks me and Miley are the ones that are raging, but it’s Icona Pop, man! My band will ditch me to go hang out with Icona Pop. They’re so funny, like, ‘I’m gonna get turnt!’

I’ve never been on a tour with a bunch of girls before. I’ve only been on tour with boys. My band’s all boys. This tour is a lot of fun, but also it’s a girl power tour for sure. We’re all very strong. Even though we’re all very different, our presence is pretty strong.

I wanna say confident, but I don’t know if confident is the exact word. All the girls on this tour just know who they are. They’re not trying to be someone else, they’re not trying to catch up to another artist. Everyone just does their own thing and knows what they want, and figures out how to get it across to someone else.

People think there are people telling Miley to do something, about her sexuality, or whatever people trip over. They don’t realize that she knows what she wants to do, and she does it. Pop music is provocative, I don’t really see what the big deal over it is. Her show is insane, each song has a different insane setup. I really like when she does the acoustic set.

I think that’s kind of the biggest fuck-you to everyone who’s talked shit about her, because she has a really great voice. The whole show kind of shows everyone up. No one can deny it. People I know who are the biggest music snobs on the planet were like: I wasn’t expecting it to be so good; this is beautiful!

I want my show to be pretty minimal, cause I want the focus to be the actual songs. But I definitely stepped it up a little more for this. I wanted to make it more for an arena. If I had an insane amount of resources, I’d do whatever I could.

[At the beginning of this tour] I fell down an elevator shaft, a prop shaft. It was right as my set was about to start, all the lights were off. I heard this ticking noise that starts the song ’24 Hours’ that’s an intro for the show, so everyone can get in place and start. I ran across the stage and fell into a shaft, and climbed out because I was like, I have to get there on time, before the lights go on.

No one really saw me fall. I just thought I ate it. I was winded and I was bleeding, but I didn’t know it was this huge gash. I played the entire show just thinking it was a cut. I was lightheaded and stuff, but I thought it was just because I fell. I thought I was just in shock from the whole thing.

So I played the entire set. I had these St. Laurent tights on that had beads in them. I touched my leg at one point and I’m like, ummm, there’s blood. I got off stage and I’m like, oh, wow, this is crazy, I just fell. Everyone looked down at my leg and they’re like, ‘You need to go to the emergency room.’

I looked down and I freaked the fuck out. My bone is out and the cut is like, four inches deep and five inches wide. I’ve never seen my body look like that before. It looked like, out of an Eli Roth movie.

Then I got stuck at the hospital for seven hours. They had to like, take rhinestones out of the gash. It was so bad. It was so deep that it was like, open and wide. I ended up getting 60 stitches. I went through this whole thing in my mind like, Oh my god, what if my leg’s broken and I get kicked off this tour? I was like, I don’t care if it’s broken, just amputate my leg, I just have to do the show the next day. I did the whole entire tour like that. I played the next day, even though it was a little hard at first.

I had to talk about the accident first; I had to beat everyone to it. Cause they made me go in the ambulance, and there were people standing around. I was worried someone would think it was because I was drunk, or fucked up or something. So I had to say, ‘Yeah, I hurt my leg.’ But that night I played the entire set. I was pretty impressed by myself. I was like, how did I do that? Adrenaline’s, like, real real. I guess the Miley Cyrus crowd gets it in you.


  • thecat61

    Sky’s sense of humor is more twisted than Miley’s!? I didn’t even know that was possible.

    Miley had to cancel her show tonight in St. Louis because the hospital is not releasing her.

    • threelittlebirds

      when are you seeing her? i hope she doesn’t cancel.

      • thecat61

        I saw her in Columbus. OMG!!!! It was so awsome. She kept saying that it smelled good in here. There were some people smoking weed a couple rows behind me. That arena never stopped rockin for 2 hours straight. She puts on one hell of a show, of course now I’m going through withdrawal’s.

        • threelittlebirds

          i’m glad you had a good time! good thing it wasn’t canceled, eh?

    • Zaina777

      Can I ask you a question? You seem to know random things about Miley that a lot of people don’t know about. How do you know everything about her?

      • thecat61


        • Zaina777

          Oh, I see. Also, Oceanup is really annoying with the whole Miley is pregnant thing.

          • thecat61

            I know. This shit is getting old. They think they’re being funny but actually they’re sounding more and more pathetic.

          • Zaina777

            I wonder if they’re adults just trolling us or if they’re like young adults trying being funny, witty and appear or seem more relatable to the teen or young adult demographic.

          • thecat61

            No clue. Makes you scratch your head wondering.

  • Rocky

    When you really look at it, anyone who has ever met Miley or seen her live in concert always says something good. I bet Miley is an awesome person to be around, and even if you don’t like her style, she puts on a great show. I guess all the negativity just comes from close-minded, judgemental assholes.

  • pacmakaveli

    Reading this makes me wanna hang out w Miley

    • thecat61

      No shit!!! Me too.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Miley truly seems like a genuine person, and I know that to each his own, but her lifestyle is nowhere near healthy. She puts her life at risk by exposing it to the public. I know it comes with being a celebrity, but there are so many A-list celebrities (Emma Stone, Jen Law, etc..) that keep their life private. I believe it’s all a matter of choice. I think that she’s deeply affected by peer pressure, plus none of her friends seem to look out for her. They just encourage her to be the person that she is right now, whilst proclaiming that they accept her for who she is.

    • party

      I think miley is very private considering how obsessed the media is with her, they camp out of her home, now selena is no even as near miley fame and she always talking about her little laundry of bieber and her and doing stuff with him on twitter, now she don’t keep her life private and nobody trashes her, and the paps don’t even camp out in her home like they do on miley”s. selena calls the papz because how will they know were she at? at least miley gets follow all the time but selena travels outside nobody knows unless she call them, so she obviously is calling them.also miley spend a lot of time with family, selena just hanging out famewhoring of on people and getting drugs and drunk, selena is the one screwing up not miley and they are harsher on miley, and miley don’t give stupid dumb ass speeches of class and then get drunk that’s selena.

      • Blair Waldorf

        Miley is nowhere near private a person. They camp outside of her house because of her crazy transition. It’s obvious Miley wanted to be viewed differently after Hannah Montana was over, and when she got ridiculed and belittled during her Can’t Be Tamed phase, she just went overboard. Don’t try to convince me Miley is a private person when she freaking masturbates on stage during all of her shows, and when she dresses oh so provocatively. She tweets about her health issues (and does NOTHING about it), the death of her pets, and the list goes on! Miley is clearly out of control. She’s so “interesting”, there’s so much going on with her life, and of course the paparazzi wouldn’t leave her alone when they know there’s more of such to come.

        Don’t even bring up Selena. At least Selena, unlike Miley, seeks help.

        • thecat61


          • Blair Waldorf

            Convince me otherwise.

  • FuckHarry

    They both seem like really cool chicks, I don’t understand why people hate Miley she could be annoying but I could never hate on her. & she’s one hell of a performer.