Taylor Swift Windswept Heart Sweater

Taylor Swift Steps Out In The Big AppleTaylor Swift walked in a heart patterned sweater in New York City. FameFlynet.

  • Zaina777

    I really like Taylor’s style its on point but it’s not forced.

  • Rah

    That sweater is super cute! She wears such classic pieces but I hate her shoe choices.

    • Zaina777

      I agree. I really like her oufits nowadays. Taylor is a really good person in general.

  • al

    ok, ive got it tay, you have great style and own so many clothes .. i want them too!:D

  • stasha

    Her style lately has been so on point. I think she had her stylist help her with everyday looks. Every piece of her wardrobe just fits together so seamlessly. And it feels like a reflection of her personality. It’s classic, yet unique. I’m obsessed with it.

  • boystan

    queen of everything

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Thinner than your faves. <3