Justin Bieber ‘Brainwashed’ Selena?

jelenanakedsexpicSource told Radar: ‘Selena is now acting a little brainwashed and not challenging a thing Justin says. There was a time not long ago where they were fighting and arguing about their relationship, but now she’s like a robot and completely in his thrall.’

Selena can’t stay away from Bieber despite her parents’ wishes: ‘Whatever he did to keep her from moving on from the relationship worked a little bit too well, because it’s like she’s a completely different person.’


  • Marina And My Diamonds

    The media gives him too much power and they give her a pass like she’s a victim. Next Justin Bieber is going to be the reason that black holes exist.

  • anonymous

    selena is being an escapist. she knows what she should be doing but she’s convinced herself and other people have supported her thinking it’s too hard. so she just doesn’t solve her problems and they get worse. she seems to also be using alcohol and whatever other drugs to escape even her own consciousness

    but this is all her own choice. she must simply take herself to the doctor, go through what she must go through for maybe years, and then live a healthy life

    sorry it’s not easy but neither would it be if she was starving in somalia. so in many ways she has to get her head out of her own ass

  • Notsorry

    RadarOnline has turned into a straight up mess, but I’m not really surprised since they are part of the same company that publishes star magazine. It’s bullshit stories like this that lead people to believe that they have this toxic relationship & their about to commit suicide for each other & other crazy shit, when it’s probably not even that dramatic or exciting. People need to stop over analysing this relationship, it’s really sad when you can spot if she’s wearing his hoody or when he’s wearing her chain etc, that’s when you know you need a life and some non-virtual friends.

  • Nikki

    She’s 21. What is she? Brain dead and unable to think for herself?

  • Rah

    Such a creepy relationship. Move the fuck on.

  • HolyGround

    Aaand cue the multiple fans of Bieber who think Selena actually wrote this rumor herself. It does seem like she has some issues to take care of though.

  • Guest

    It’s actually the other way around.

    • Mariah

      Exactly. Lol, she knows why she keeps coming back to him and we all know it.

  • A

    Whatever he did to keep her from moving on from the relationship worked a little bit too well.. His fame ? [ whenever she is seen with him, she magically has something coming out the next day]
    It seem like the other way around to me
    She knows why she keeps crawling back to him because she know, when with him and she is drunk/high people seem to by past her and blame it straight on Justin.
    Why him/his team lets her keep coming back is new to me

  • Zaina777

    I honestly don’t know why she keeps going back to him. I don’t know it makes her seem like she is the twenty year old and he’s the twenty two year old. Also, if you look at her peers they’ve all moved on from boys. Demi is with Wilmer and Miley was with Liam. Taylor always dated men. I don’t understand why the media is making Selena out to be the victim in all of this. Justin is the younger one here so shouldn’t he be the one who is being manipulated? Selena, if she really loves Justin should let him go and return back to him when they both learn to grow up and behave like mature adults

  • anon

    Just another day Radar Online was saying Selena was ready for dump Justin for an older man and now this. Idk how people still takes some gossip sites seriously

  • TrueStatement

    Actually what I see in her is that she’s the next Amy Winehouse. Being controlled by her boyfriend a druggie without thinking for her own good thinking that her boyfriend will take care of her.

  • Anon

    I swear this is all her PR team just to make him look bad and excuse her!

  • Xyz

    What’s funny is that readers of Radar Online are brainwashed and believe this

  • Tash

    No. She was always this person. She just found someone who was what she wanted too, he accepted her true self & allowed her to be who she wanted to be & show the world.