Lorde ‘Don’t Mind Being Called Arrogant’

lorde-arrogant (2)Lorde pictured in Las Vegas at a bandmates wedding and in FASHION magazine. She told NRJ: ‘I like making grand statements. The name Lorde is quite grand and a little bit arrogant. I like that, I like the intensity of it.’

On critics calling her arrogant: ‘I don’t mind. I’m a really big fan of Kanye West. He’s confident and I like that. I’m not that confident in myself yet. I am shy and I’m pretty private. I’m getting way better at being in those situations.

It’s still really weird for me. I’ve learnt to have fun. I’ve made a lot of friends as well in this industry so I don’t feel like such an outsider. I don’t think so, no. She’s great though.’

  • Sinika

    I don’t think she get’s the difference between confidence and arrogance.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Being arrogant will cost you, stay humble.