Selena Gomez Signs W/ WME & Brillstein

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Head To The Studio TogetherSelena Gomez fired her parents but will NOT be managed by Kris Jenner. Selena, who previously was with CAA, has signed with WME as well as Brillstein, where she will be repped by managers Aleen Keshishian, Zack Morgenroth and Scott Wexler, according to THR.

The rep changes are a crucial piece of the Disney alum’s strategy, long in the works, to move on into more adult-oriented fare in film and music. After getting her start on the Disney Channel’s Wizards of Waverly Place, Gomez recently starred in Harmony Korine’s girls-gone-wild crime drama Spring Breakers, and as a mysterious street urchin in the action thriller Getaway, opposite Ethan Hawke.’

  • Rocky

    She will still flop. The problem with Selena is that she has very little talent and no personality. She has only made it this far in her career being Justin Bieber’s on/off girlfriend and Taylor Swift’s best friend. There’s nothing really special about this girl, which is why she has to cling to others for fame.

    • Guest1

      I dunno why you guys say she has no talent. If she didn’t have talent she wouldn’t have had her own show. She was famous before justin bieber was even in the picture. Sure she wasn’t as huge but she was still famous. Stop hating, dude.

      • Rocky

        I said she had very little talent, and that was displayed on WOWP when she was a kid. But she’s an adult now, she doesn’t have Disney to make her seem special anymore. She’s a flop now because she doesn’t have the talent or personality to gain a wider audience on her own, so she uses the people that can. I’m not trying to hate on her, it’s the truth, dude.

        • uest

          Sometimes, I don’t feel like she was actin on WOWP. I feel like Alex Russo is what she’s like in real life, which was why it was easy for her, but when she has to play different roles, she’s terrible.

          She really doesn’t have a lot of talent, whether it be acting or singing.

          • Ricardo

            Sorry but all directors that have worked with her said that her talent is huge but she’s still too young and she needs to develop it. her Spring Breakers acting was pretty good too.

          • Xyz

            They said Megan Fox is a good actress too. But she isn’t. Directors lick asses of all their actors. Of course they will say that but the critical perception is way different and audiences in general consider her a joke. Sorry it’s the truth.
            Too young is not the excuse you can use at all. Look at Elizabeth Taylor and when she started acting. When you’re actually talented age means nothing.

          • dte

            Directors haven’t said shit about her, considering she has acted in several movies she hasn’t stood out of the other actress, she just lucky there are better actress out there Dakota fanning, her sister,etc who are real actress since they were young, don’t make excuses for her multiple time she has been on the screen and she really need to stop opening her mouth to act surprise because that work on wow but not on big screen, she needs acting lesson, she no that great she good for television shows that she can be her own personality because that is all she can do. selena is limited in talent and you guys need to accepted if she was serious about her career she will study it instead of traveling around the world with her boyfriend and getting wasted all the time, she just want easy money. even in music she got a huge opportunity and what did she do, she losted and she not even working she following Justin around and getting wasted and famewhoring people to stay revelant, because she falling faster than the Jonas brothers and if they were bigger than her and they are nobodys now, when bieber kick her to the curve she will be just that, she hanging on because of bieber because what work has she done? nothing she quit her concert to party and get wasted with Justin that all she has been doing and famewhoring with the kardashing, even taylor kick her to the curve. IF you ask me selena is stupid because an opportunity like she has when she not as talented you don’t throw out the window like that, she cant even play instrument or write or anything at least Justin can, but she haven’t master nothing, not in acting, not in singing, not in dancing, not performing, choose something and stick to it and become the best you can be at it, man I admired milley she decided to stick to music but at least she knows how to compose,write,play her own instrument, and she can perform, but selena is not good at anything and she don’t work on nothing to improved, I think I like miley more now she has passion and she work on it and its good at it.

          • tampo

            I think the same way I don’t think she knows how to act , she was acting like smart ass self in wow and she used practice that a bunch of time, probably to come out decent, because all her movies she not convincing at all as an actress, but hey she can take classes and get a personal coach to make sure she nailed next time, she good with shows but big scream movie she definitely not ready, miley was a lot more ready than her in that department but miley choose music in which is amazing at. Miley is extremely good at something, selena is mediocre in everything and I think she needs to focus on her career than leaking everyone ass to gained headlines, and focus on her work instead of been a famewhore and following her younger baby boyfriend around, she should practice her craft that’s what going to get her money for a living not her boyfriend, she always on vacation more than working and she don’t even work out, she should and stop talking drugs and alcohol that doesn’t solve anything but make you choose dumb situation and decision.

          • Ricardo

            “she always on vacation more than working and she don’t even work out” You have to be kidding me. She works af. already working on a new album, a secret project coming out soon, a spanish album coming out soon, movies coming out soon, she has always something that is coming out.

          • Anon

            Ohh so THAT’S why she’s stalking poor Bieber everywhere. All of that coming out what’s better then constant drama and PR to keep her talked about.
            I knew it.

          • Tash

            I agree! I used to think she was good as an actress. Until I saw that was the only character she could play. All she can do is be the classic sarcastic annoyed teen. She can’t do sincerity & stripped down well. Just pissed off teen or reclusive teen. Her peers get more criticism, yet they have done a lot more variety & displayed a lot of talent on varied platforms. She’s spoon fed & greatly exaggerated. Oh, and all her flaws or mistakes are overlooked or excused whilst the rest can’t put a foot right.

  • noriwest

    Hopefully she succeeds

  • anon

    Hmm, now the “Lily + Selena friends forever” makes sense. They was parting ways on agencies, it was a goodbye

  • anon

    CAA didn’t really made much on her acting career, they has so many stars to focus. Maybe it is for the best, but she also needs to do her part and taking acting classes

  • javi g

    the caa is responsible for some many stars that they don’t have time for young actors. i think they already busy with some of the bigger stars working for marvel studios. are the wme any good?

    • anon

      They are the 2nd biggest agency.

  • Mariah

    Why sign with irrelevant company if you’re yourself already becoming irrelevant? So many more talented people deserve to be famous like this but they don’t get attention because of pretty overrated girls like her. Shame.

    • Ricardo

      They have Brad Pitt, Adam Sandler y Jennifer Aniston. and yes.. they’re less famous that CAA but CAA have a lot of artists so they can’t focus on all of them.. she did a good move.

      • also

        Natalie Portman, Orlando Bloom, Gwyneth Paltrow, Paul Rudd, Zoe Saldana

    • st

      WME is far of irrelevant. Sit

  • Elusive Chanteuse

    After Getaway and Spring Breakers she will have a hard time convincing people she can actually act. Or not we’ll see. Good luck to her.

    • shrug

      From what I had seen on movie forums people liked her acting in Spring Breakers

      • Anon

        But she sucked in Getaway.
        Idk what you’ve seen in forums. I saw people in twitter and YouTube making jokes about her “acting” in SB.

        • shrug

          Nobody really saw Getaway to do a judgment and discuss about the movie in those forums. I didn’t see it too. But by her razzie nomination and reviews, yes, she sucked. I didn’t see nobody making jokes about SB, except by haters that is more likely the case with your timeline.

  • BangBang

    I hope this new company will deliver her some good work because if it wasn’t for OU I would have literally forgot about her

  • Cici

    Rooting for my baby <333

  • good

    The best of that is that she is free of the paparazzi daily photo ops! Good move Selena! Now put you personal life on track

  • Cali

    Hilary duff 2.0 so mediocre. Not gonna see much of this girl in the coming years unless she gets a really good acting coach and stop with the horrible singing.

  • weloveselena

    y’all haters can shut the fuck up bye she’s talented and y’all know ir FUCK OFF