Selena To Support Bieber World Tour?

jelena-sex-hookupSelena Gomez wants to support her lover Justin Bieber on his next world tour, reports Us Weekly: ‘She says she could open for him. He thinks anything she says is great.’ They already recorded a collaboration together titled Unfamiliar. Selena and Justin were spotted hooking while at Coachella together last weekend. Jelena also posted new Instagram pix.

Do YOU think Selena should tour with Justin or risk further relapse?

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  • anon

    Doubt it is true.

  • anon

    Doubt any of their team would aprove such a thing. And beliebers could kill Selena while performing

    • Yup

      I mean if they can throw water bottles @ Justin they will definitely murder her. Beliebers have no mercy

    • Marina And My Diamonds

      She wouldn’t make it to the stage.

  • anonymous


  • Guest1

    Hope it’s not true. She needs to get out there and do more movies.

  • BrokenArrow18

    Embarrassing I wouldnt do it. Doubt she’ll do it.

    • captainamerica

      What’s embarrassing? Opening for him? Lol. That would be the biggest thing in her career. But nothing will save her career not even using him for press or collaboration.

      • aff

        Nobody pay attention to opening acts. Opening for him killed Carly Rae Jepsen career. Even a theater tour is more advantageous

      • BrokenArrow18

        it’s like a desperate career move to do imo

  • BritneyS

    Great idea Selena.

  • ….

    I don’t think she’d do it, she just had her first solo arena tour do quite well considering she’s not the best singer from Disney & she even sold out most of them. I know Justin gets stadiums sometimes but it doesn’t make career sense to go from headliner to opening act even though they have a similar aged fanbase

    • Anon

      Bieber has many older fans I’ve seen on his shows. Which can’t be said for Selena. She’s barely selling out 15k arenas. Bieber is used to MSG and stadiums, his biggest show had about 250k in Mexico.

      • anon

        Bieber attendance average: WW 18.6K, North America: 17.1K
        Selena attendance average: WW 7.2K, North America: 8.1k

        A joint tour wouldn’t beneficial to none of them. Selena can go on half arena tours without problems and Justin doesn’t need help to sell full arenas out and the two of them together still can’t sell out stadiums except by Latin America. So why would they go in a joint tour? Ofc that’s not true.

      • …..

        It’s still a bad career move for her, even if she’s “barely” selling out, it’s still selling & that’s why her team would never allow it. If she wanted to perform stadiums & gain more fans it would be smarter to open for Taylor Swift, she is amazing @ selling everything and her fans really embrace all the guest perfomers. Also I’ve seen both their meet & greet photos and most of them are tween/teen girls, that’s why I said they had a similar fanbase, there are obviously exceptions with both.

  • lily

    she wants 2open for him, so she can say that she sold out arena -__- too bad no1 likes him anymore, so it wont happen

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Hopefully it’s not true but by the chance that it is, she might want to be careful and get a ton of more security. That will be the official shit to hit the fan for his fans and even some of hers. I wouldnt be surprised if she got beat up. Fans can be ruthless these days.

  • Eva

    Not true. But if it is… then she is officially an idiot.