Austin Mahone The Secret Album Cover

austin-mahone-the-secretListen to ‘Til I Find You’ & Tracklisting under!

Track list for The Secret:
1. “Till I Find You”
2. “Next to You”
3. “Mmm Yeah (featuring Pitbull)”
4. ” Secret”
5. “Can’t Fight This Love”
6. “All I Ever Need”
7. “The One I’ve Waited For (Bonus Track)”
8. “Shadow (Acoustic Track) (Bonus Track)”

  • anonymous

  • Tash

    He cut his hair & looked so good with the new style. Didn’t like the old cut, that so many boys have & did. But now he goes & makes this the album cover. Seriously, he has random fan pics that look so much better. Even that black & white selfie is better. Here he looks like he just joined the Jersey shore.

  • Tash

    Austin has really grown as a singer, dancer & all around artist & entertainer. He’s the real deal now, but could barely sing when he got picked up. He’s come far. He gets compared to Bieber a lot. But both have their own strengths. Austin is a lot better on the low notes, especially these days, and it suits his voice. His voice is clear & not whiny either. He also suits rapping(or more so the type that pop singers do). He should do more modern RnB & play to the strengths of his voice. What’s letting him down is these songs. He needs better writers. Hopefully Bieber works on some nice tracks with him. He’d sound nice if he did songs like the stuff on ‘Journals’, especially since it’s a moodier sound, slower & lower notes. Austin needs that type of sound.

    • BrokenArrow18

      I agree with everything you said!

  • BrokenArrow18

    The tour poster is so much better imo idk it cover look unfinished but I’m so happy for him he got a #1 with preorders! I’m obsessed with Til I find you I love the old pop sound. Looking forward this album!



  • Marina And My Diamonds

    He was already attractive ;) I like his haircut.


      always cutie <3

  • Eva

    He is actually a very good looking young man…. I just hope he does not change.

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    ugh im mad at this cover because he looks so much hotter then this.why would they choose this picture ?

    I cant wait to get the album though, been waiting for 3 years

  • BangBang

    Aww good for him! I hope he’ll get far :)