Diva Bieber ‘Film Me But Don’t Talk’

Selena is truly blessed <3 Celebrity tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste Instagrammed: 'Tattooed Justin again last night till 6am. He showed me a lot luv. Thanks @justinbieber.' VERY hot! Khalil Sharieff: 'Let @justinbieber do a lil shading on me. Only my brother could do this.'[gallery ids="313145,313147"]

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Still more polite than the One Direction members.

    They are nasty, especially Harry.

    • Tania

      you’re kidding, right? When has Harry been rude to the press or paps?

    • Zaina777

      Has Justin ever given a paparazzi left over food because he thought that they looked starved and were really hungry? No, I didn’t think so.

      • Tash

        Yet he’s still milking that, ‘I was poor’ card. Yes Justin, ‘WAS’ means past tense. Only for the 1st 12 years of your life too. Also Canada is a pretty nice place to be ‘poor’. It is nowhere close to the standards of poverty in Africa. Poverty means an entire different thing here. But now Justin walks around in his own world, still making money off his sob stories & playing the victim & splashing that cash on free loader delinquents & pole dancers.

    • Guest

      Your ass just wants attention..

    • LOL

      Are you serious? Harry is the nicest of all of them. He’s the only one that has the patience or at least pretends to have the patience to stop and take pictures with fans even when his bodyguards don’t want him to. It’s the other boys who seem kindanpissed about stopping for fans but Harry does it wholeheartedly.

  • anonymous

    that would be a weird way to live

  • sam

    He was actually quite polite…

    • anonymous

      recently with his ugly clothes and ‘friendly’ attitude he reminds me of kanye

  • javi g

    wow thats strange. and he was sober? scooter,selena or the court change him a little. just a little.

    • Anon

      Selena sure not. Since she’s now a bigger mess when it comes to drinking and ridiculous behavior. Her fans are just denying it. He was sober at coachella yet she passed out of how drunk she was. But yeah she must be a great influence lol

      • javi g

        do you have proof that she passed out at coachella besides the real( fake) news that twitter and Facebook give to the young people out there? I’m not saying that she didn’t drink she’s a fucking adult its her god damn right if she drinks at a music fest. but i need pictures and not crap by blind gossip or any of the unreliable news sources called Facebook or twitter.

        • Sirlena

          Lol and yet blind gossip has a very good track record of being RIGHT. Stop living in denial

          • javi g

            denial? you are the one who believes that crap of blind gossip. stop believing every crap Facebook,twitter users and blind gossip feed you. need pics if some one has any they can show it and i believe that she pass out at coachella. tmz and all the gossip pros show pictures of celebs drugged or pass out. why people instead of showing pics only comment on it with out any proof?

  • Lauren

    He actually seemed fairly polite there. Good on you, Biebs.

  • anon

    It was not bad. We know that paparazzi talks just with intent to leave artists mad

  • captainamerica

    This wasn’t diva ish at all. Just like TMZ is trying to make him look bad. We all know how paparazzi treat him. He’s chill and polite here. Give him a rest. Whether he does good or bad people hate on him. He can’t win. I would hate to be him.

  • laura


    I know this video is about Kristen Stewart but I think it shows how disrespectful and disgusting paparazzi are to every celeb. The pap in this video was being respectful though and I think that’s great but it’s understandable that celebs aren’t too friendly to paps either.
    That being said, Justin’s outfit is awful..

    • Zaina777

      The boy can’t dress properly at all. His style is shitty as fuck. Why the fuck are his pants so low? He thinks it’s cool how he dresses. He looks like a damn fool though.

      • laura

        He looks awful, I don’t even get how guys who dress like him think that they look attractive. It isn’t even comfy to wear your pants that low, trust me I’ve tried with my sweatpants and it is annoying as fuck. Boys are just ugh..

        • Zaina777

          No, there are some boys who have common sense and morals. This kid and his wannabes are idiots. Birds of a feather flock together.

          • laura

            Boys are still ugh though haha I seriously hope that one day he, and many other guys, will realize that it isn’t attractive to wear clothes like that. What I wouldn’t give for men to dress like gentlemen again…

    • JoeJonasTroops

      i hate how celebrities get into the buisness and pretend like they didn’t see it cming, paparazzi is what keeps you famous, does kristen want t be famus or what?!

      • laura

        Paparazzi isn’t what keeps you famous at all. Lots of people just want to act, be in movies, make an album and perform but that doesn’t mean they want to be followed around by cameras 24/7. That’s what reality stars are for.
        Privacy is important, whether you are just a ‘mere mortal’ or when you are a celeb. There’s a reason why so manycelebs go insane..

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I know how misleading OU can be so I had to watch the video, he was fairly nice about it.

  • Xyz

    Good Biebs.

  • Tash

    I had that exact scarf..4 years ago. He’s looking decent here though. Just needs a shirt about two sizes smaller & he’ll be okay. It’s funny though, Biebs isn’t even super friendly or nice here & everyone is jumping for joy, yet other celebs will be so nice or normal & get blasted for being rude, purely because they’re not grinning from ear to ear or they are the reserved type. But any scraps from the Biebs & the peasants come running, ready to bow & praise his glory.

    • Mariah

      It’s actually the other way around lol.
      Many celebrities were more rude to paparazzi and media pretty. Much ignored it? But everything he does is criticized and he is hated for it. Even here people are saying he was rude. Don’t be ignorant.

      • Tash

        Y’all just happy to see some shred of decency in the King. Y’all are ever so ready to run & proudly flaunt it. You guys were just ready with those, ‘Oh look guys, he’s not so bad after all’, lines. Oh, and the, ‘Bieber is always the victim’. Keep at it kids. Maybe one day he’ll notice you & thank you….or he could claim once again that he alone is ‘detrimental’ to himself. He would be inaccurate once again. Not only because the word he would be looking for is ‘instrumental’, but he owes all the enablers too.

        • Mariah

          Um bitch please. Don’t call him King looool and talk to me like I am one of his delusional bieberturds. Get over yourself. Just because I pointed out he was finally nice doesn’t mean I worship him. Can’t people say anything nice about this guy without fools labeling them as bieberturds lmao so embarrassing. Idgaf. Just saying he isn’t some devil people like you make him seem like. Oh and trust me I’ve seen a lot of his nice behavior past few months it’s just that all of “y’all” ignore it.

        • Anon

          Well damn. He can’t win with haters. When he’s bad he sucks drag him. When he’s nice he sucks again and is just pretending drag him again and attack people defending him. Bravo!!
          Not only you sound ignorant acting like you know him and what he’s actually like but you’re also denying the fact he IS a victim when it comes to media and paparazzi in most cases. If this was someone else everyone would say poor him/her. Everyone gets pass from time to time and people have some heart and say well it isn’t easy to handle all of that but when it comes to Bieber. Hell no fuck him pussy man up. It’s bad when they are disrespectful towards Kristen Stewart for example and it’s good when she defends herself but Bieber? He can’t do that. Your comments just scream ignorance. Bieber is a normal person just like all of them and us. Start treating him like one and not some robot who always has to be nice to everyone and has to beg for forgiveness for his mistakes from his haters so they will like him more and accept him.

  • Eva

    I just love how he shook those girls’ hands like he is some kind of royalty… lol

  • Queen Amanda Bynes

    Sex god

  • BangBang

    That wasn’t too bad at all! Oh and I keep cracking up everytime I see Cory, I mean Kyle, following Justin around.

  • Jamie

    I don’t think that was “diva-like” at all. You could see how nice he was still being to the fans. TMZ especially is always annoying to Justin and I’m sure anyone would act the same way. Paparazzi is one thing, but still seeing how nice he is to the fans make you realize he is still a good person.