‘Dying’ Miley Postpones MORE SHOWS

miley-cyrus-naked-bed (1)miley-floydMiley Ray Cyrus, who according to reports is near death because of tachycardia complications, is severely ill and her fans are paying the consequence. Miley Tweeted: ‘Sick of waking up to needles #goingthruit #floydfriday.’

Miley will remain hospitalized pending her condition improves. The Nashville show has been rescheduled for August 7, while the Louisville show has been moved to August 9. All tickets will be honored, according to the venues. #PRAYFORMILEY

  • thecat61


    • wow

      I agree. I don’t enjoy everything Miley does but OU is being really insensitive and tacky right now. All of this “death” and “dying” talk is completely rude,cruel,and unnecessary.

      • thecat61

        Totally. This is nothing to fucking joke about. Many people have died from an allergic reaction to a medication.

  • Anon m

    She needs to stop doing DRUGS!!!! otherwise she will die of a heart attack!

    • smyd

      Lol you’re an idiot. It was an allergic reaction to flu antibiotics. She wouldnt be tweeting if it were drugs

      • thecat61

        Typical idiot.

      • fuck

        yeah sure… it was just antibiotics for the flu.

  • Clauber

    Maybe She needs vacatiions. She has Been working a lot.. And partying

  • BrokenArrow18

    Hope she gets well soon

  • S

    Would OU feel bad if someone of the most talked celebs here dies? Would they feel any regret of the way they talked about them and making fun of them dying and stuff? That is such a horrible thing to say. I really have no respect for the people who runs this site.

    • Tiffie McFarlane

      i really don’t think they would, i agree with you though they are really awful with how they handle/upload/post these things

      • thecat61

        They wouldn’t give 2 shits. It’s pretty sad.

        Reading some of the comments where people are saying she’s overreacting blah, blah, blah. They have know idea what she’s going through. What part of ‘SEVERE’ don’t they understand?