Midnight Red Slams One Direction, 5SOS!

midnight-redmidnight-red-one-directionMidnight Red supposedly got replaced by 5SOS to open for One Direction.

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  • recordsonreplay

    No they didn’t. Get your facts right. That is photoshopped.

    • OctobersVeryOwn

      yes they did Lol i seen it with my own eyes on there twitter, they just deleted it afterwords after ashton from 5sos tweeted them hahaha

  • dlovCyr

    If it helps, I have no idea who 5sos is and I’ve seen midnight red open three times for the wanted, it’s like butterface strippers in a way

    • OctobersVeryOwn

      5sos = 5 seconds of summer, they opened for 1d last year and are now on their own tour.

  • Marta

    They didn’t write that, cause they were performing on stage in Detroit when that tweet was posted. It was their annoying manager Paris DJon and now they get so much hate for it and can’t even say anything. He’s so arrogant and makes them look bad it’s actually sad.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    Those are cute pillows.

    I don’t even know who 5SOS are..

    • OctobersVeryOwn

      5sos = 5 seconds of summer

      • Marina And My Diamonds

        O ok. I have some of their fans on my Twitter. Too many boy bands for me to keep up.

        • Laura

          They’re not a boyband :)

          • Marina And My Diamonds

            Ok.. What are they? Or what do they do?

  • OctobersVeryOwn

    It’s funny because Midnight Red are the ones that said a while back that they were opening for 1D, but 1D decided to go with 5sos again and now Midnight Red must be bitter lmfao, They are opening up for The Wanted LOL who got dropped by their label and admitted that they just cant compete with 1D. Cleary some people are bitter and jealous!

    • Carly

      Was The Wanted dig really necessary? They have nothing to do with this situation so keep your mouth shut. At least The Wanted didn’t need to open for another band to make it in the music industry…

      • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

        “Make it in the music industry”

        By being dropped and flopping?

        • Carly

          Yes, they were dropped. But before that they’ve had ten top ten singles (including two number ones), platinum albums, sold out arenas and travelled around the world without a help of a tv show or any other band. They’ve worked really hard for it and made it on their own, while 5SOS gained fame from opening for one of the biggest and most powerful boybands. That was MY point, thank you. I’m just tired of people who always feel the need to drag The Wanted into everything.

  • http://zarriall-zombies.tumblr.com FuckHarry

    Who is midnight red lol, and 5sos isn’t even that famous lmao I love them but mostly 1D fans know who they are tbh

  • Emma Stone

    Famous? I don’t even know who these two bands are. There is so many boybands these days that I’m just keeping myself out of the loop.

  • Blair Waldorf

    Lol, they sound sooo butthurt.

  • musiceveryday

    If you looked at the actual source of those photoshopped tweets, you’d see the user tagged them as “edits” meaning they aren’t real.


    Some of you are so damn gullible. There is no beef. 5SOS is even on the same label as Midnight Red now. There are no problems between them and Midnight Red respects 1D and all other boy bands and those who aren’t. Stop causing pointless drama. Grow up!

    • OctobersVeryOwn

      i seen the tweet with my own eyes on their twitter lol just like tons of other people did. they deleted the tweet after ashton from 5sos tweeted them hahahaha

  • Duckyhoward15

    Watch Louis , Liam and maybe Niall tweeting about them

  • Tamara

    They didn’t write that it was their management. But it’s not like they lied… 5SOS would still be nobodies if it wasn’t for One Direction :)

  • al

    But this is true!! 5SOS is only “famous” because of 1D

  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    At least they can sleep at night knowing they are better looking than 5SOS.

    When the little girls grow up, they can still get laid.

  • oh

    LMFAO at the better looking part. Sure. Definitely whatever lets them sleep at night.

  • lexie

    it wasn’t them, they were on stage at the moment. get over it please