Dolly ‘Very Worried’ Over Miley Drug Use

miley-quacksMiley Cyrus’ godmother Dolly Parton told The Sun: ‘One day she’d had enough and told me: ‘I need to murder Hannah Montana in order for people to accept who I really am. I think she felt she had to make that severe a change. And she obviously did.

I’m hoping that she holds it in the road and doesn’t do so many things that are that bizarre. I don’t think the crowd would be so forgiving again if she did anything else that was really offensive. I don’t want it to overshadow her talent.

Dolly said that she is shocked and ‘very worried’ by Miley’s nonchalant attitude towards drugs: ‘She tried her best to make that transition from Hannah Montana to be allowed to be Miley but people just would not have it.

It reminded me of what happened to one of our great old stars of the past, Shirley Temple. As a little girl she was so great, but then she started to grow up. And people didn’t want her to grow up. They got mad at her.

Well, that’s how everyone has been with Miley. I was very worried. I was holding my breath, hoping that people didn’t totally crucify her. But she felt she had to make a place for herself in this pop world. If she is as smart as I think she is, I think she’ll make the right decisions.’

  • honesty

    Cutting her hair was enough of a transition. She successfully shed any part of Hannah Montana when she did that. But no, that wasn’t enough for her. She went over overboard and now she just looks dumb.

    • anna

      if she really wanted to separate from hannah montana, all she really would have had to done was get a role in a different TV show that wasn’t similar, or take a break from the acting/music scene in general. but nooo thats too hard for her, so she had to cut her hair. it really was enough of a transition. its annoying and disturbing to think that she thinks she has to “kill hannah montana” to be herself. i mean, other disney stars seemed to do perfectly fine separating themselves from their character when their show was over…maybe it didn’t help her too much that hannahs name in the show was miley and her name is miley…im not really sure why disney does that, because they did it with thats so raven too..idk.

      • honesty

        I think she’s just really insecure on the inside. She has to have some type of emotional issue to go to such great lengths to separate from who she was previously. Just like she admitted that she thought she needed a bf to survive, there may be more issues that she isn’t telling us.

    • Zaina777

      I agree. There was a point in her career where she wanted to be like Hilary Duff…or so she said. I still don’t fully understand why she said that why lie? Nobody else said I want to be like so and so. She is acting like a slut to get attention no matter the cost. It’s a shame that she feels the need to whore herself out for fame and money when she’s really talented. Hannah Montana didn’t have to happen but it did and it made her who she is today.

      • honesty

        She’s confused tbh. All we can do is hope she can turn it around. I doubt it but we can always hope.

    • Godney

      i always thought that… i mean nobody sees Ashley Tisdale as her disney character, or even Selena or Demi.
      But Hannah was huge, and to me, all that needed to get away from that image was to change image, like she did with her hair and do different music like she was doing with Cant Be Tamed, she didnt have to do all the nude stuff to let go of the hannah image, to me it only made it worse, now she is “hannah gone bad” not “miley grew up”.

      • honesty


  • anonymous

    i guess it’s hard to take advice from someone who has done crazy things to their body

    • anon

      But someone that has lasted on this industry for decades.

    • honesty

      It shouldn’t be. She has been through a lot and therefore is credible enough to give advice on it.

      • anonymous

        she’s stuck around like a bad odor

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      Dolly is a legend and has been relevant since the 1960’s .obviously she knows a thing or two about longevity.

  • thecat61

    She’s soooo cute!

  • anon

    Dolly didn’t even mention drug use. wtf?

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  • Grammy Winner Taylor Swift

    Is The Sun even legally allowed to make up quotes like this?

    No wonder Britain is so uneducated. Even their newspapers are like the National Enquirer or The Star.

  • BrokenArrow18

    here comes the sun duh duh duh duh