Miley ‘Happy 4/20 I’m Crying In Bed’

miley-cyrus-naked-bed (5)miley-crying

  • thecat61

    Its gotta be depressing (for anyone) to be alone on a holiday in a hospital in another state. But at least Cheyne is there.

    • kels

      I’m sure she was flown home and is resting in the comfort of her home. Maybe with a nurse, probably not in a “hospital” in LA.

      • thecat61

        She’s still in a Kansas City hospital.

  • CJ

    she’s a little bit dramatic sometimes.

  • BrokenArrow18

    only miley woul get sad bc she cant get stoned lmao smh

  • Anon m

    That 4/20 is gonna kill you Miley, you gotta stop doing drugs for your own good!

    • thecat61

      Weed is gonna kill her? Why don’t you tell the whole state of Washington and Colorado that also.

      • Anon m

        She has heart problems, and YES drugs also kills your brain’s cell you moron!

        • thecat61

          Hmmmm, i’ll have to tell my neighbor that, who’s in his sixties and has been smoking weed like forever and still works, moron.

        • thecat61

          There are many different types of tachycardia (Google it) in Miley’s case hers is NOT life threatening. She said this in her book.

    • Queen Amanda Bynes


  • Guest

    UGH Bitch if you want people to leave you alone and you want to rest then put the got damn phone down!

    • thecat61

      She was talking about the media and their dumbass lies.

  • thesestrangelittlethings

    Nobody cares if she posts the same, self-loathing thing every minute. It’d probably go by quicker if she layed off twitter and stopped complaining. Wow, I don’t mean to sound so harsh, but she’s such a Debbie Downer sometimes.

    • thecat61

      Put yourself in her shoes right now. How would you feel being couped up in the hospital?

      • thesestrangelittlethings

        No, I get that. But she has so many fans and people that love her, and I just feel she should calm down on the subliminal complaints. This is my opinion, so I understand you feel differently.

    • Nina

      Sometimes people just see things a little more negatively, I know a few of my friends are really emotional when it comes to the hospital/being really sick. I don’t see why her tweets bother people so much. I guess everyone is super irritable and negative themselves because theres no reason to dwell on someone else’s repetitive tweets. If nobody cares, then why do people keep complaining about it?

      • thecat61

        Thank you!!! They’re bitching about her bitching.

  • MileyHoe

    She needs a little bit of this….

  • mountainmiracle

    She’s more upset about not getting stoned than missing Easter with her family…