Pretty Little Liars Big Screen MOVIE?

pretty-little-liars-moviePretty Little Liars may be gracing the silver screen! A fan asked creator Marlene King via E! News: I’m dying without my weekly dose of Pretty Little Liars! I need a Rosewood update ASAP!

‘[A big screen movie] has always been the ultimate goal, is that it ends its life in one medium and starts another life on film. I love that. We want an in-theaters film! Big, big, big opening weekend, with all those Pretty Little Liars fans are coming out. It would be so much fun. And we’d get to do so much like big stuff too.’

Do YOU think Pretty Little Liars should get a feature film?

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  • Cici

    I always figured they would end the series with a movie. It just makes sense. Now we know we will never know who A is until the movie comes out…ugh

    • threelittlebirds

      i’ve read we’re suppose to find out in season 5..but who knows. i’ve been hearing that since season 1, it’s always next season, next season…

    • Queen Amanda Bynes

      i know what you mean, i stopped watching after a while because nothing is ever answered.

      • bye

        that’s the fucking reason it is a good show damn… you’re doing it wrong

        • Queen Amanda Bynes

          5 seasons is too long to find out who A is. If you read the books you’d realize there are more important and interesting subplots that should be happening now.

  • Duh

    I loved the series in the beginning, but now its old. Every episode is the same exact thing, its lost its spark. I don’t know if I would want to watch an hour long film of the girls getting tortured by A & then chasing who they think it is.. to find no new answers.

  • Carine Compiani

    Hm no.

  • ikeepempressedt

    I think a big screen in theaters movie would be a great way to end the series…. because I’m kind of getting sick of being tossed around in circles. The show needs to end at least after the next season.

  • um

    i like pll but definitely not enough to spend $14+ to see it in a movie theatre by myself…… i’ll be pretty pissed if they end the series with a movie theatre movie.

  • Marina And My Diamonds

    I guess I’ll be watching that movie illegally.

  • Clauber

    Yes please

  • threelittlebirds

    i don’t know…i’d rather just have a tv movie or just have direct to dvd. I’d rather spend $1.27 at red box than $10 at the movies.

  • Sue

    How about no. This show is so OVERRATED. I only watch it to find out who -A is. So please just finish the series, so we can finally find out.

    • HolyGround

      The books are way better imo. Probably because there is actually an ending to it lol

      • threelittlebirds

        isn’t there still new books being written? cause it feels like the books have been going on forever as well lol

        • HolyGround

          Lmao you’re right. I should’ve said the first 8 books. Then all of sudden she started coming out with more. I tried reading the 9th book, but it just wasn’t interesting anymore

  • Lily

    They can only drag this show on for so long before things become redundant. It will have so much more impact and be a better story if they start to FINALLY come to a set conclusion. Sigh, but of course money is more important than telling a worthwhile story in fewer seasons.

  • Jessica

    It would fail in the movies? The only viewers would be those that followed the series. And half of us left when it got inconsistent and pro-longed.

  • Dara

    Don’t get me wrong, I love PLL. But the whole series isn’t as good as it used to be. Season one and two were awesome, season 3 was pretty good, and season four SUCKED. The end of season 2 and season three were a little more dark than the rest of the series. I wish it was still like that. Now it’s just a whole episode full of pretty much nothing but talking about A, and then at the end they’ll be a small cliff hanger. If the series was more interesting I probably wouldn’t want it to end, but now I just want the damn show to reveal who A is so I can move on.

  • Overexposed

    The movie would flop. They need to stop dragging this series and really end it after this season tbh

  • mountainmiracle

    The only problem I have with tv shows becoming movies is they always shoot it in a different way. Like I want it to still feel like the tv show and not something completely different.

  • The fucking thing about this show is to find out who A is, if they FIND OUT the show fucking ends. Don’t be stupid and think before comment.